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Textbooks are no small expense for today's college students. eCampus.com seeks to remedy t ...

Textbooks are no small expense for today's college students. eCampus.com seeks to remedy that by providing an online venue where students can purchase new and used textbooks, eBooks, and other study materials at discounted prices. This makes the text book buying experience more affordable for cash-strapped college students and helps to make college educations more accessible - as well as providing access to college textbooks and course materials for students interested in advancing their own knowledge on their own time or through free online classes many colleges are offering for personal enrichment rather than degrees.

Save on your text book and learning material purchases by using eCampus coupons or an eCampus discounts code. These allow you to save money up front on your book purchases. However, shopping through Rakuten.ca allows you to save even more in the form of cash back rebates starting at 3.5 percent of the purchase price of your books. If you're buying $500 or more worth of books for the school year, those rebates can add up fast especially if you use them along with eCampus rewards.

Not only are textbook purchases available through eCampus, but you can also rent textbooks through the website and sell your textbooks back after the end of the semester. You can also order eTextbooks through eCampus.com. Doing this allows you to save money (and your back) by purchasing a refurbished iPad, Kindle, laptop, or other tablet device and gaining instant access to your textbooks. Students today have no need to lug around huge backpacks and book bags weighed down with cumbersome textbooks. You can carry around all your course materials on one small device that weight less than a single paperback novel.

The eCampus.com website was created in 1999 and is still going strong today offering not only textbooks and study materials for students everywhere, but also offering opportunities for students to sell their books after they complete their terms or purchase books they've rented. Remember to activate your eCampus coupons and discounts with Rakuten.ca before you shop!

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