Get to Know the Great Rakuten Team!

Meet the Great Rakuten team!

Meet some of the Rakuten team, headquartered in Toronto! Every week at, we put together an amazing list of stores at bonus Cash Back for you to shop and save. On top of that, we are always putting out great content and contests for you to win great prizes and money!

We thought it would be a nice change of pace for you to see the faces of some of the folks who help put these amazing deals and contests together for you!

Alison Koh, Marketing Manager
Job translation: Create the cool promotions!
Years at Rakuten: 2.5
Lifetime Cash Back: $514.50
Guilty Pleasure: Living Room Karaoke

Chris Carfagnini, Office Manager
Job translation: Make sure the office is happy
Years at Rakuten: 1
Lifetime Cash Back: $495.27
Guilty Pleasure: Baseball

Melissa Lessard, Social Media Manager
Job translation: Run contests and the blog
Years at Rakuten: 3
Lifetime Cash Back: $3176.12
Guilty Pleasure: Shopping

Nivit Kochhar, Product Manager
Job translation: Make Rakuten the best it can be
Years at Rakuten: 3 Months
Lifetime Cash Back: $50.47
Guilty Pleasure: Local Festivals

Bridget Ndege, Creative Designer
Job translation: Make the site look pretty
Years at Rakuten: 4
Lifetime Cash Back: $487.21
Guilty Pleasure: Bad Reality TV

Kevin Silk, SEO Manager
Job Translation: Make Rakuten show up in Google
Years at Rakuten: 1.5
Lifetime Cash Back: $302.40
Guilty Pleasure: Marathon Gaming

Pamela Gallinger, Account Manager
Job Translation: Add cool stores to the site
Years at Rakuten: 2.75
Lifetime Cash Back: $175.87
Guilty Pleasure: Karaoke

We hope you loved getting to learn more about our team that works hard to bring you things like In-Store Cash Back, new stores & much more! For more of the Rakuten team, check out our Youtube channel for series like “In the Rakuten Lab”, where we ask our employees to test new products from our 750+ stores on!

  • Renella Bisetty


    Hi Rakuten team

    You guys ROCK!!!!!!

    Can someone please get Walmart on board lol

    Keep up the outstanding work

  • Laurie Free


    omg I”M IN LOVE with this site! I would love to write a love story blog!

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