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The Rakuten Express Guide
Legend: Rakuten Express Indicator
Located on your browser’s address bar, the indicator displays the
Cash Back status for the store you are currently visiting.
Cash Back is available and activated!
Cash Back is available but a click-to-activate is required. Click the indicator to reveal the “Activate Cash Back” button.
Cash Back is not available* (ie. A store that is not partnered with Rakuten).

* Select stores are not available on Rakuten Express. (ie. Amazon.ca, Indigo).
Please visit Rakuten.ca first.

Receiving Rakuten Express Notifications

Automatically Activated Cash Back

In most instances, Rakuten displays a notification alerting you
that Cash Back has been automatically activated.

Click-To-Activate Cash Back

Some stores require a click to activate Cash Back. Rakuten will display a notification with an “Activate Cash Back” button.

Don’t See A Notification?

If a notification is not displayed, always check the indicator to see if
Cash Back is available (green or red). Never miss Cash Back again!