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Our colleagues at Rakuten decided to share with you how they #ChoosetoChallenge.

“My advice for other leaders is to advocate for your female employees! See them, hear them, and support them. I've been lucky enough to have had many bosses throughout the years that have advocated for me, challenged me and given me opportunities that moulded me into the leader I am today.” - Jennifer, General Manager

“My biggest barrier was being perceived as the young, timid, Asian female too afraid to speak up. So I raised my hand more, spoke up, looked at how other female leaders paved their own ways and through trial and error - I continue to work on how I carry and portray myself as a strong, thoughtful, confident teammate, leader, and working professional.” - Alison, Product Marketing Manager

“Oprah Winfrey is my biggest inspiration. Her invigorating energy, a charismatic and transformational voice speaks to me and has for a long time. Her journey and her way of lifting up women to feel a deep pride in one’s existence and voice. We need many more women like her in our lives and especially in all workplaces.” - Shagun, Digital Marketing Manager

“Stop competing with other women. The system has been designed for us to compete out of fear. I was guilty of doing this earlier in my career. I was so anxious that another woman’s success meant I was a failure. The second I let go of the competition and started working TOGETHER with my female colleagues was when I became a stronger employee, leader and person.” - Graziella, PR & Brand Manager