10 Things To Have While Watching the Bachelor

A guilty pleasure of many women across the nation.

A new season of the Bachelor starts tonight, which got us thinking about all the essentials you need to have while watching the show! Everything from chips to PJs is covered, and it’s all available from stores on Rakuten.ca! Hello, CASH BACK!

Chapters Indigo
The perfect store for all your essentials in comfy, cozy & cute! While we usually can be found scouring for our next book here, we also get our fill of style & home products that are perfect for this TV night:

  • Pillow: We can have our hair up & no makeup on, but you can make sure your couch is dressed up with this adorable alphabet pillow!
  • PJs: There’s not much that can beat a chill night on the couch in your comfy pjs! We like that we can wear our heart on our sleeve with the cutest PJ t-shirt dress!
  • Manicure set: This is the perfect down time to be giving yourself a manicure! Just make sure you can pause on eating your chips or tweeting to make sure they turn out right!

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A go-to store to pick up night-in essentials like snacks & so many more home essentials!
What we’re picking up from Walmart to kick-off our Bachelor night at home:

  • Chips : A night filled with TV & all the drama that ensues can be complete with a nice bag of crunchy chips. NOM NOM NOM!
  • Candle: Since the Bachelor is all about finding true love, you really have to set the mood at home! A scented candle creates a great ambiance to relax and indulge in this guilty pleasure show!
  • Kleenex: It wouldn’t be the Bachelor if there wasn’t tears and heartbreak. While most of the tears happen on screen, you want to prepare in case you have waterworks of your own!

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You better make sure you’re awake to catch the show so grab yourself a cup of coffee first! We love sipping out of a themed mug like this one covered in kisses from Starbucks Store Canada!
Nothing says a comfy night in like getting wrapped up in a cozy blanket. We need this Hudson’s Bay blanket ASAP!
You better believe you can find us totally checking Twitter throughout the show to see what the internet is saying about the show. Never let your phone battery die in the crucial hour by using a charging case like this phone from Kate Spade available at Nordstrom Canada.
And while the girls get handed roses, you can get handed a glass of red. There’s no time like wine time when watching a show like the Bachelor! Pick up some bottles from My Wine Canada to prepare for the rest of the season!
Get all your girls night-in essentials from Rakuten.ca! You can have a comfy & cozy night without breaking the bank by finding coupons and discount codes at your favourite stores!


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