15 eBooks To Read This Winter

Does your winter have you dreaming of snuggling up with a good book! Look no further than our list of awesome ebooks to read this winter

If the thought of snuggling up with a good book during the cold winter months appeals to you, this post is for you. I look forward to those lazy days where I can grab a good read and hide out for the afternoon. I am getting quite excited at just the thought of wearing comfy clothes, sipping on a warm cup of tea, and diving into a fabulous story.

Instead of having a pile of books that I don’t know what to do with after I read them, I enjoy reading ebooks using my Kobo eReader, where I can also listen to audiobooks. Using an eReader makes things effortless, since you can download whichever book you want, while keeping all your reading materials in one place. The Kobo is especially practical when traveling, since you can avoid having to take up precious space in your carry on bag or checked luggage. If you are a big reader, you won’t have to worry about bringing along multiple books, which can get quite heavy (If you do however prefer to actually hold a real book, there are plenty to choose from at Chapters Indigo)

The Kobo Aura for example is the perfect place to store your books, since it can hold up to 3,000 eBooks, with a library of over five million to choose from. The 6” Carta E Ink touchscreen is lightweight and easy to hold for all those hours of reading you will be doing. Another fabulous feature is that there will be no glare from the sunlight, so you can read while lounging on the beach or poolside, or by a window cooped up at home. The ComfortLight will allow you to read in a darker atmosphere, while still being able to see perfectly without straining your eyes.

There is also the Kobo Auro H2O which is waterproof and dust-proof, and is also glare-free with adjustable lighting on the page. The Kobo Auro H2O will ensures crisp, clear text for a high definition reading experience.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these books below. Take a look to find your next winter read!

  1. Wonder

This book has been turned into a movie which is in theatres staring November 17. The book has been getting rave reviews, with everyone excited for the release of the movie. It follows the story of a fifth grader with a facial deformity who goes to school for the first time. This triumphant, warm story will have you laughing one minute, and crying the next while following this courageous little boy.

  1. Everything We Keep

Aimee finds herself engaged to her childhood love, and plans to live happily ever after. That is until her fiancé disappears in a boating accident, and her life is changed forever.

  1. The Time in Between

This inspiring story is about a talented woman who after being abandoned by her lover, finds herself as the most popular fashion designer for the wives of the German Nazis. She then offers to be a spy for the British with all this information she gathers from the Nazi wives. The books tells the story of this woman’s life and how she got to where she is.

  1. Stronger

It seems unbelievable the Boston Marathon bombing was already four and a half years ago, in 2013. One of the victims and witnesses tells his story of the terror that went on that day, while also taking us through his rehabilitation experience. The tale of this brave man is truly emotional and compelling. This is now also a movie with the same title.

  1. Hooking Up

If you’re looking for a laugh, download Hooking Up to your e-reader. This steamy novel is about a bride who finds her husband making love to another woman at their own wedding. She then decides to do the same with the first man she sees. After wanting to escape the drama, she heads out on her honeymoon alone, while finding the man from her wedding on the same flight heading to the same island. Follow along in this hilarious story while the two fall for each other and decide what they should do after the island.

I am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

While this thought may have never crossed your mind, do you think it’s possible to fall back in love with your spouse after parting ways? You will meet Richard, a British artist who finds himself yearning to get back together with his wife and be a family again with her and their daughter. This story of infidelity, as well as love is an interesting read, showing Richard trying to win back his wife.

  1. Heather, The Totality

From the creator of Mad Men comes this riveting tale of a wealthy family and their beautiful daughter. When a new family moves in above them, they threaten to destroy everything they have created, while shattering their sense of safety.

  1. The Sun and Her Flowers

This collection of poetry is a journey about growth and healing. If you feel you need some inspiration and motivation for whatever you may be going through, I highly recommend you take a read. You will likely find peace within yourself, while learning to love, forgive, and cherish your surroundings.

  1. Option B

Written by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO and Adam Grant, top professor at Wharton, this powerful and inspiring book will teach you how to move on and find light after an unfortunate setback in your life. After Sheryl lost her husband, she felt she would never recover and never find joy again. Psychologist Adam Grant informed her that in order to recover, you must learn the steps and allow yourself time to heal. The title stems from the idea that Option A, or the plan you had for yourself and your life might not have worked out, so you must adapt and make the most of Option B.

  1. The Stranger in the Woods

This is a true story of a man who wanted to escape the modern world and left for the woods. He did not interact with another human being for 27 years, while living in the woods in Maine. He used survival skills, while breaking into nearby cottages to steal food, clothing, and whatever else he needed. Eventually he was caught and arrested, but this story makes us wonder what makes a good life, and follows the story of a man who wanted to live differently than the mainstream world. You will read about his time away, what he learned, why he left, and how he is coping with his return to the everyday world.

  1. The Woman in Cabin 10

This suspenseful mystery is a story of a journalist who is assigned to board a luxury cruise with only a number of cabins. While on the cruise, she witnesses a woman being thrown overboard. The only problem is that all passengers are accounted for, which leaves this writer puzzled and terrified. The surprising twists will reveal a whirlwind of events and will keep you reading.

  1. Promise Me Dad

Although this is written by Joe Biden, it is not just written by the vice president, but by a family man. Joe Biden lost his 46 year old son in 2015 to brain cancer. This book follows Joe Biden’s experience while enduring the toughest moments of his life, and showing resilience and strength. This heartfelt book is brand new and should be on your holiday reading list.

  1. Pretty Fun & Pretty Happy

These two books written by Kate Hudson are perfect if you are looking for a light read. She shares tips and tricks on how to live your best life. She covers different topics such as healthy eating, entertaining, body image, and being grateful and positive.

  1. The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

If you’re looking to laugh your head off this holiday season, pick up this book by Amy Schumer. She shares stories from her personal life while keeping everything entertaining and unforgettable. She is unapologetic, and will leave you wanting more while wishing she was your best friend.

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

There’s nothing wrong with being positive… But let’s be real! Sometimes this just isn’t realistic and we just want to feel some emotions. This book focuses on the fact that life can be a roller coaster and to roll with the punches. The author doses out real, raw, honest advice that we don’t seem to hear too much of these days. He goes on to explain that we need to experience some not so pleasant moments to keep us grounded. You will find yourself highly entertained while laughing at some of his unforgiving humour.

Cuddle up with your e-reader this holiday season and enjoy some good books. Whether you prefer something light, a mystery, or a true story, there is definitely a book for you.


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