7 Reasons Why We Love Lolë

We love Löle! From the Löle White Tour to eco-conscious clothing lines, there's so many reasons to get to know this Canadian workout gear brand!

There are so many reasons to love Lolë, it’s hard to know where to start. But after many, many sessions of deliberation amongst our team, we’ve come up with a starting list of 7 reasons. From awesome events to eco-conscious clothing lines, there’s so many reasons to get to know this Canadian athletic wear brand!

  1. Started in Montreal

What many might not know is that the company started in Montreal! Since 2002 when it first opened, Lolë has taken not only Canada but the U.S. and Europe by storm. With approximately 40 brick-and-mortar locations and more in the works, you really can get your yoga on anywhere while supporting Canadian businesses.

  1. Lolë White Tour

In 2012, they created the Lolë White Tour to communities around the world to unite us in a day of meditation and yoga (while wearing white). And as they put it, it’s “A celebration of inspiration, hope, equality, and unity.” In Canada, the event takes place in Toronto & Montréal. Check for local dates & be sure to sign up to reserve your mat. PS: you get a free yoga mat too! Check out this video to see our experience at the Toronto event!

  1. And events across Canada, the U.S. and Europe

…and if you can’t make it to Toronto or Montreal, or if you happen to be abroad, why not join another Lolë event? They hold events across Canada, in the U.S., and Europe. Check out their On The Road schedule for dates, FAQs, and to purchase your tickets.

  1. Awesome workout clothes

Even if you’re not into yoga, consider their wonderful workout clothes. Every piece of clothing they design is versatile and ready for high-impact workouts (or not). Whether you’re looking for yoga, workout, or athleisure wear, Lolë has you covered (or uncovered if you’re swimming).

  1. Eco-conscious line

It’s a simple mission: to have great clothes that are fashion-forward and eco-friendly. Their eco-conscious clothing line is made from recycled bottles and is more durable than cotton; they call it the Momentum Recycled Extensible fabric and it’s amazing! Try for yourself – bet you can’t tell the difference.

  1. Cash Back on Rakuten

You know we have to give ourselves a little pat on the back for this one… enjoy Cash Back when you shop Lolë online through Rakuten.ca. Get yourself yoga-ready with the latest and greatest Lolë wears and accessories and shave more than daily stress. Namaste.

  1. Yellow Label

In 2012, Lolë started the Yellow Label Program to promote responsible consumption. They invite people from Canada, the U.S., and Europe to donate their used coats & the donated goods are washed and resold at fair prices. Then, they donate all proceeds back to food banks.

In six years, there have been 5,375 coats donated which in turn helped 1,761 families. And food worth $412,890 was redistributed through various food networks in local communities. This fall, be sure to bring in your used coats to help support the Yellow Label Program at Lolë.

Ready to get shopping? Shop Lolë & earn Cash Back on your purchases!
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