A Man’s Guide to Holiday Shopping for Girlfriends and Wives

Men often find holiday shopping for women to be more difficult than walking barefoot through a blizzard. While there are many gifts that are sure to put a light in her eyes. Unfortunately, new cars and diamonds aren’t always in the budget. The good news is that there are plenty of outstanding gifts you can get that will have her heart melting a little more for you – without breaking your budget. We have the scoop for you.

What Not to Buy

Let us begin with the things you should never buy for her. There are simply too many easy ways to go wrong. The first bit of advice is to skip anything related to cleaning and housework – unless you’re hiring her a maid. Those types of gifts will ruin her holiday spirit and plant you firmly in the dog house.

The next big no-no is cooking supplies. Pots, pans, and other things for cooking is a quick trip down the wrong path unless she specifically asks you for them as a holiday present. It all goes back to chores. While men see these as practical gifts when receiving them, women prefer the holiday gifts that do not feel like criticisms or encouragement to do more chores.

Finally, no diet pills. Exercise machines are one thing, again, only if she asks for them as a holiday gift. Diet pills are something else entirely. She’ll see that as you telling her you no longer find her attractive.

Now that we’ve explained what not to buy, we have a lot of great gift ideas that will warm her heart and place you on top of her very nice list this holiday season.

Smoking Hot Lingerie

Nothing says “hello gorgeous” like a very naughty bit of fabric and lace that covers the most strategic of locations. While this is definitely not a family-friendly holiday gift you’ll want to give her in front of everyone, it is definitely a gift that tells her you still find her beautiful.

The great thing about giving lingerie as a gift is that it is a gift you’re giving yourself as well as the lady in your life. It will boost her confidence. Let her know that you find her attractive. And you get the added bonus of seeing her in the outfit at her confident best. You don’t need us to tell you that nothing is sexier on the woman you love than confidence.

So, where do you get these great lingerie items for the lady love on your holiday shopping list? Victoria’s Secret is a great place to start.

Comfy and Cozy Pajamas

Tis the season of comfort and joy. For today’s busy women, nothing says comfort like a nice set of pajamas to relax in after a long day of dealing with winter weather, work, children, and more. The great thing about pajamas from Victoria’s Secret Canada is that they come in so many different comfy, cozy styles. There’s something that’s perfect for almost every woman in your life. The Tee-jama is one of our favorite for its incredible softness. It is made of a lightweight fabric and a great choice for year-round comfort.

The Long-Jane is another great choice for a cold winter’s night. These fabulous PJs come in a lot of fun patterns and feature a long sleeve top and legging bottoms. Then there are the Dreamer Flannel pajamas that are made of lightweight flannel. This super soft flannel offers the warmth she’ll love without the bulk or weight of traditional flannel pajamas. She is sure to love any of these great choices.

Warm and Cheerful Robes

Another thought for the holidays is to give her the gift of warmth. Warm cozy and plush robes are the perfect solution to keep her warm all winter long. They can be used alone or in combination with lingerie and/or pajamas. While warm and cozy robes are often the perfect solution for cold Canadian winters, you may also choose to go with a short and sassy kimono robe. It all depends on the specific type of warmth you’re hoping to generate this holiday season.

Sexy Fragrances Hit the Spot

Gifts of fragrance are always a great bet if you pay attention to the types of fragrances she prefers. In fact, a great way to go is to give her a gift of your favorite fragrance for her to wear – and her favorite fragrance too. While quality perfumes can fall on the costly side of holiday budgets, there are ways to reduce your costs and still get her a celebration worthy supply of these favorites.

You can find great fragrances at Victoria’s Secret, who offers its own line of fragrance products. Of course, if she has her heart set on a brand that isn’t made by Victoria’s Secret, Sephora offers a wide range of perfume products at different price points.

This means they have a little something for every budget. You can stretch your budget by purchasing fragrance sets. These allow her to layer her favorite fragrances or enjoy a variety of fragrances suitable for her mood. It’s possible to stretch those savings even further by purchasing sale items and combining them with Sephora codes when purchasing online.

Fill her Stockings with Color

Cosmetics from Sephora make the perfect gift for most women today. Throughout the holidays you’ll find a wide range of makeup sets available that bundle various types of cosmetics or cosmetics that target a particular area of the face. Things like kits for the eyes that include eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, and tools and brushes to complete the look are quite common. Larger sets are available that cover the entire face. The sky is the limit and there are many different styles and brands to choose from.

If you’re not interested in large kits, find out her favorite brand of cosmetics and order a few select shades you feel she’d like to wear. These are great stocking stuffers that will add put a little color in her life and that she is sure to appreciate as a thoughtful gift.

Pamper Her with Spa Tools

Give her the gift of a spa experience every day with spa tools from Sephora. From skin cleansing brushes to facial toning devices and a few teeth whitening sets and hair removal devices in between, spa experiences are outstanding gifts for the woman you love. The problem most people face involves the price of these gifts. This is where Sephora Canada coupons come in handy as they allow you to enjoy big discounts on larger products and items such as these – making them much more affordable.

Seriously, if you’re going for the wow factor this holiday season, these tools will take her breath away and make her melt for you. If you really want to kick your gift giving kudos up a notch or two, look for package deals on items like the cleansing brushes that include high-end products to use along with the brush. It’s the perfect complement and adds another layer of elegance to your gift for her.

Don’t Forget the Gift of Good Hair Days

If you haven’t noticed by now, a bad hair day is bad news for everyone. When her day begins with gorgeous hair it simply sets the tone for good things to come all day long. From the latest technology and tools for hair care supremacy to top of the line hair care products, giving her the gift of good hair days is one you’ll enjoy a return on as well. She’s in a much better mood when she feels confident about her hair.

There are so many tools for hair these days and they are not all created equal. It’s important to give her gifts that are high quality and that will give her the kinds of results she’s looking for in hair products. Look around and see what she has or take a look at what’s available on the market today and ask her what kinds of tools she would like.

As for hair care products, like shampoo and styling products, take a look at what’s in her bathroom now. Identify her favorite products and see what’s available at Sephora. With such a wide selection it’s quite likely that they’ll have one or more of her favorites that you can give.

You do not need to travel to the ends of the earth to find great gifts to give the lady you love. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Shopping online from home provides you with an excellent opportunity to get her the gifts she will love at prices you will love – especially when you take advantage of coupon codes from top stores. The excellent gift advice above will help you get great gifts for her that will keep you on her good side all season long.


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