Astrologically Aligned

Astrologically Aligned

From the Greek words hõra (meaning time) and scopos (meaning observer), a person’s horoscope sign is determined by the position of the sun, moon and planets during their birth. Some believe that this information reveals a lot about a person’s characteristics, their likes and dislikes, which signs they pair well with, even suitable careers (!)

Whether you’re a believer (or not), here are some unique, fun gifts you can get for your astrology loving friends or yourself. 


Traits: trailblazers, independent, committed, quick, eager, dynamic

Whiskey River Soap Co.’s astrology pencils for Aries – describing some of the characteristics that make Aries so unique – is the perfect gift.

Lexi, Rakuten Canada’s Social Media Specialist, has “been into astrology for as long as I can remember. I love reading my horoscope and follow #Aries on Instagram.”


Traits: creative, strong, trustworthy, honest, understanding, ambitious

As a creative Taurus you likely love having fun with your makeup and body art. Snag Milk Makeup’s Astrology Tattoo Stamps from Sephora and celebrate your birth sign for all to see.


Traits: passionate, smart, energetic, witty, kind, motivated, curious

These gorgeous velvet zodiac journals from Urban Outfitters are the perfect place to store your deep dark secrets, your greatest dreams, your most intimate aspirations or just a quick doodle.


Traits: generous, protective, emotional, compassionate, sentimental, resilient

Stone and Strand 14-karat gold earrings and matching Stone and Strand zodiac 14-karat gold diamond necklace from Net-A-Porter are perfect for Cancers who want to show their sign.


Traits: bold, outgoing, dramatic, courageous, fiery, energetic

Etsy’s MercuryRetrobabe store sells tees with super cute sayings for each sign, like their Such A Leo t-shirt.


Traits: sophisticated, loyal, responsible, analytical, practical, helpful

For Virgos who want to show off some of their enviable attributes, in a modest way, there’s the Formations Virgo Zodiac Mug from Bed Bath and Beyond.


Traits: inquisitive, balanced, diplomatic, gracious, fair, detail-oriented

You’ll have sweet dreams with a sign embroidered pillow for your couch or bed with Urban OutfittersZodiac throw pillows


Traits: genuine, passionate, original, stubborn, resourceful, intuitive

Pick up The Mixology of Astrology from Chapters-Indigo before your next party to craft custom cocktails for every sign that attends.


Traits: adventurous, funny, strong-willed, generous, truthful, optimistic

If you’re one of those self-deprecating Sagittarius we’ve got just the thing to have you doubled over. Funny zodiac constellation wall art for Sagittarius from Sincerely, Not.


Traits: confident, hardworking, tenacious, determined, disciplined, serious

Capricorn zodiac pendant from Swarovski is the perfect subtle accent to any outfit.


Traits: enigmatic, uncompromising, unique, imaginative, original, sincere

Want the real dirt on the zodiac signs? Check out Born on a Rotten Day: Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of the Zodiac on Amazon for a good laugh and added intel on astrology.


Traits: sensitive, empathetic, wise, affectionate, intelligent, imaginative

The Pisces: Your Cosmic Coloring Book (found at Chapters-Indigo) is the perfect way to distract from the winter-isn’t-over-and-spring-isn’t-here-just-yet birthday month

No matter your sign, regardless of whether or not good ol’ Mercury is in retrograde, don’t forget to download Rakuten’s browser extension so you never miss another Cash Back opportunity again. You never know when the stars will align and bestow you with bonus Cash Back.


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