The Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide “I Do’s”

Weddings can get both hectic and expensive if you aren’t prepared.

If you’re wondering what to wear, what to gift, and (probably most importantly) how to save money, we’ve got you covered with all the wedding guest do’s you should keep in mind.

DO: Let them know you’re coming

The Mr. and Mrs-to-be are in the midst of their plans, which includes detailed seating charts and meal planning. Do them a favour and RSVP ASAP! (And select your food option if it’s available or let them know of any dietary restrictions while you’re at it.)

DO: Read the invitation and/or wedding website

This will include important details, like dress code or driving directions to ensure you won’t miss a beat!

DO: Consider the ambiance

The weather, location and festivities planned have an impact on how to dress. For example, you may want to opt for a chunky heel if there are any outdoor events to prevent heels from sinking into grass. If you can, bring an umbrella or other items like a shawl or jacket in case you get chilly.

DO: Follow the dress code

Dress for the occasion and follow the dress code, if provided. You are likely to be in the same outfit the entire day, so make sure your shoes are broken in and you can move in your dress – dancing at weddings is NOT optional! Borrow inspiration from the save the date or wedding invite for colours or wedding style.

What to wear: Dresses and jumpsuits are the current style du jour, but don’t miss out on trendy accessories, like hair clips or a straw clutch. If you’re wearing high heels, a pair of backup flats is a good idea. Some great options:

Addition Elle for trendy dresses and jumpsuits – for every woman – in flattering colours and patterns

Ever New has a dedicated wedding section, including bachelorette essentials, tailor-made petite section for shorter frames, and more

Laura is great for dresses and outfits to meet any and all dress codes, from black tie to summer casual

Shop our luxury partner stores for splurges you’ll use again like handbag, shoes or a great dress!

DO: Be on time or early

There is nothing worse that showing up to a wedding mid-ceremony. Don’t let traffic be the cause! Use Waze or Google Maps to estimate how long it will take to arrive and check in an any potential hold-ups along the way.

DO: Stick to the gift plan

Cash or a cheque made out to the couple is always appreciated and is standard practice. If the happy couple have a gift registry, you can always buy something from it. Make sure to include a card so they know who to thank later on.

DO: Find ways to maximize your budget

This goes beyond shopping for your outfit and accessories to gifts and gift cards. Don’t forget your travel details: booking your flight and hotel or renting a car.

DO: Share your experience

Many couples are coming up with catchy hashtags to help guests find and share photos on social media – use them! Take a look around the reception area or on your table, you’ll likely find a hint someplace.


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