Black Friday Shopping Improved: 9 Top Tips

Black Friday Shopping Better with these 9 Expert approved tips!

Can you feel the excitement building? At our HQ, we certainly can. Black Friday Shopping and Cyber Monday Deals are all we can talk about right now! We’re counting down the minutes & we can’t wait to share these tips from our professional shopping experts!

Trust us, we know what we’re talking about. See below our 9 top tips to make Black Friday Shopping even better! (These also apply to Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and will make you a seriously Savvy Shopper!)

  1. Create accounts

Every online store asks their customers to create an account. This includes info like your email and delivery addresses as well as the option to save your credit card details. Creating these accounts ahead of time at your favourite stores will help make the check-out process smoother and faster come the big day. And if you already have accounts set up, go back in to make sure you remember your login details and update your address if necessary.

  1. Favourites are our favourites

There’s never any harm in virtual window shopping. Unlike real window shopping, the online version allows you to mark off the items on your wish list so you can grab them quickly and easily come sale day. Favouriting these items will save you time and ensure you remember all your must-haves.

  1. Make a list, check it twice

You know that list you make when you go grocery shopping? Well, why not make the same list for your Black Friday wish list? This will ensure you don’t forget anything you absolutely cannot live without, help you stay on track and not buy things you really don’t need, and if there’s room in the budget, a few things to splurge on too. Speaking of budgets…

  1. Budgets

The best thing about Black Friday is the sales. Right? But if you determine your budget before the sales bell rings, you (and your wallet) will be a lot happier for it. With the holidays coming up close behind, it’s important to not go overboard either. That reminds us…

  1. Coupons, promo codes, gifts with purchase – oh my!

Looking for coupons and promo codes will also help you save a few dollars along the way. Store websites typically have the latest offers and deals. And sometimes, you can get an extra bonus that comes in the form of ‘gift with purchase’ or maybe even free gift wrapping. So keep an eye out for those little extras.

  1. Social media isn’t just for fake news

Another great place to find deals, deals and more deals? Social media of course. Some stores might offer social-media-only promotions, so be sure to like, follow, tweet, post, regram and everything in between. You never know what sweet deal you’ll find.

  1. Emails

On the topic of being social, why not sign up for our emails? We love to share the deals, so we’ll send you the latest and greatest offers right to your inbox. Double Cash Back, new partner stores, holiday specials and more. What’s not to love? And you can unsubscribe at any time. Promise.

  1. Get paid to shop

We love shopping. It’s kind of our thing. So when there’s a great deal, you’ll be the second to know about it. And using allows you get rewarded for the purchases you would have made anyway. Win-win-WIN. And you can even score Double Cash Back for Black Friday. High five!

  1. In-store? No problem.

We get it. Sometimes it’s just nice to go out amongst the crowd and hunt for the last pair of leopard-print-jeggings or that handbag that you’ve been seeing in your dreams. Our solution? We created the Rakuten Gift Card Shop so you can earn Cash Back on your gift card shopping. You’ll find stores like GAP, Indigo, Canadian Tire & more. Plus if you get hungry, you can use your gift cards from lunch favourite stores like Harvey’s, New York Fries, Pizza Pizza & more! You’re welcome. Plus if you’re getting holiday shopping done early, they make a great gift!

What’s your favourite Black Friday Shopping tip? Share with us and our friends. Leave us a comment below!


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