Boxing Day Shopping List: Must-Haves

You’ve survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ve lived through another holiday season. And just when you think you can’t shop anymore… it’s time for another one of the year’s biggest shopping days – Boxing Day. (*cue dramatic music*)

What’s left for you to buy? Plenty, we say. But who wants to deal with snow, parking, crowds? We recommend shopping online to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy malls. We recommend shopping for these items on Boxing Day.

Keep the eggnog flowing, and enjoy those leftovers in your favourite pair of PJs while shop from the comfort of your home. (Need a pair of PJs? We’ve got you covered. May we suggest La Vie En Rose? Pro tip: look for anything that is described as “soft at touch”. You’ll thank us for that!)

Think about these big sale days as an opportunity to get ahead of birthdays and anniversaries for the year. Was there anything on your wish list that you didn’t receive? Now’s the perfect time to check everything off that list so you can start fresh in the new year. (We’re very serious, lol)

And just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips: make a list, set your budget, and plan ahead.

If you received any gift cards over the holidays, now’s the time to use them since you’ll get more bang for your gift card buck. (Oh, and if you want gift cards, be sure to check out our list of participating stores that offer Cash Back on gift card purchases.)

Top sales item during Boxing Day will be clothing (seasonal styles) and jewelry as well as electronics.

Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, the Boxing Day sales last through the end of the year and into January sometimes, so be sure to keep an eye on those sales and promotions. We know you’ll love shopping with Double Cash Back!

If you’re planning on having New Year’s resolutions, like fitness and healthy living, don’t forget to check out our Sports and Outdoors retailers, and our Health and Beauty partners. Do you need housewares and small appliances? Guess what? We’ve got stores for that. Hudson’s Bay, The Home Depot and The Shopping Channel for starters will have great deals.

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And if all that wasn’t enough, be sure to like us on Facebook and join in our Boxing Day Deal Bash! We love to throw parties on those big shopping (holi)days. You can expect hot deals, sweet promo codes, stores at Double Cash Back and much more!


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