Brunch on a Budget

Cooking Brunch on a Budget

If going out for the most important (and fun) meal of the weekend isn’t possible – we’re talking about brunch, here’s how to recreate the experience at home.

It starts with the three Fs: Food, Fun, and Fashion!


Brunch is unique because it gives us permission to pretty much eat anything from breakfast or lunch menus. It’s like two meals in one!

DIY bars

Not only are they fun and something everyone loves, but they also save you from having to do a lot of work (if that’s not a reason to have one, we don’t know what is). A build-your-own pancakes/waffle bar only requires you prepare the batter and have a selection of toppings at the ready, like fruits, syrup, spreads (Nutella, peanut butter, jams).

Flavourful options like a variety of cream cheese spreads go great with a variety of bagels or bread. Truly the combination options are ENDLESS!

After doing as much advanced prep as possible, one of my best tips is to clean up while guests are serving themselves. This makes it easier on you at the end and is more inviting to the people who show up later to eat or go for seconds!

Chris, Office Manager

Brunch, but make it easy!

If cooking and prep work isn’t your thing, not a problem! Consider getting a Chefs Plate delivery. They have plenty of options weekly that would play double-duty as brunch.

This is also a great excuse to get that breakfast sandwich maker (or the waffle maker) you always wanted…

Drinks! They’re essential

Bellinis, mimosas, freshly squeezed OJ, coffee, teas – breakfast beverages aplenty! All great options for weekend brunch.

Remember, since brunch is about enjoying your time with family and friends, plan ahead and do as much cooking and prep work in advance so you aren’t stuck in the kitchen. Once you have a menu outlined, grab a grocery store gift cards and earn Cash Back for those ingredients.


The other part of brunches that seems to be universal is the fun and laughs. DIY bars with the food (see above) is a great way to get everyone mingling and moving about. Other ways to get people going is ice breaker games and trivia questions. We’ve spotted tons of fun party games at Barnes & Noble (like this one), Walmart (like this one), Saks Off Fifth. Whatever you select, make sure your guests will be able to play along.


Of course the last, but not least, F is… Fashion. If you’re having people over, make sure you set the stage with what they should wear. You can make it high fashion and fancy as if you’re going for high tea at the King Edward in downtown Toronto – think Ted Baker and kate spade. You can keep it simple and casual with some athleisure wear, aka leggings, slides, and a cozy (but cute) hoodie – think Lululemon and Joe Fresh. Or somewhere in between with Banana Republic or Gap.


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