Earth Day Activities for the Kids

In celebration of Earth Day, have some fun by getting the kids involved. Educating children on the importance of the environment and being kind to the Earth is vital to protecting the planet. The majority of children in today’s society are glued to technology and electronics. These gadgets use plenty of electricity since some need to be plugged in all the time, and others need frequent charging. Getting your kids to take part in activities that do not require any technology or electricity will not only keep their mind bright, but you will also be helping the environment. Try these Earth Day activities below with your children for some good old-fashioned fun! Always remember to shop through for all your supplies for your Earth Day activities.

Allow your children to get creative and participate in some Earth Day crafts. Whether they love making creations out of Popsicle sticks, painting or drawing a beautiful picture, or doing paper mache, just make sure to get their creative juices flowing. For example, Crayola from Staples is committed to making their products in an environmentally friendly manner and focus on reduce, reuse and recycle. Their coloured pencils, in particular are made from 100% reforested wood. Informing your children that the utensils they are using are kind to the environment will ensure they are aware of this issue. Using recyclable paper is also a wonderful, green idea.

Organic finger paint from Etsy allows your children to get messy and have tons of fun. This paint is made from natural ingredients such as cornstarch, sugar and colourings from different food sources such as beets, turmeric and spirulina. By using these ingredients, it ensures that not only are your children not exposed to toxic chemicals, but there are no chemicals released into the air from these products.

Getting outside now that the weather has warmed up is a refreshing way to spend the day. Activities such as riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, or jumping rope uses no electricity at all and also keeps children active. These types of Earth Day activities can be fun for the entire family, while ensuring your children stay away from technology. Stressing the importance of entertainment that doesn’t involve technology or electricity can help your children live healthier lives while also sustaining a healthy environment.

Another fantastic Earth Day activity is gardening. Children may find it enjoyable to get dirty in the mud while digging and planting flowers and vegetables. Once plants, flowers and vegetables start growing in the future, it can be extremely fascinating to children. Teaching them about the environment while growing your own products is a fabulous way for children to learn the importance of staying green.

Use this Earth Day as a way to educate children on the importance of protecting the planet and living green. Decreasing the amount of electricity that is used, as well as doing activities with natural or recycled products can all make a difference. These Earth Day activities can also be done on any day, so don’t forget to remind your children to think about the environment. Shopping through Rakuten on websites such as, Staples and Etsy can provide you with all the supplies that you need for your Earth Day activities.


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