Easy E-Gifts Everyone Will Enjoy

Easy E-Gifts Everyone Will Enjoy

With this year and holiday season being so unique, we’ve been brainstorming equally unique alternative gift ideas that don’t require a face-to-face exchange. There are so many cool options, from subscriptions to online services.

So instead of worrying about those corners being perfectly wrapped, here are some ideas to get you in the e-gifting spirit.

The Gift of Movies

Fun for the whole family, with a subscription to Disney+ they can re-watch the classics over and over again. We can’t promise you won’t know the soundtrack by heart! Stay for the ground-breaking shows, like the new season of hit series, The Mandalorian. Hello, Baby Yoda!

The Gift of Reading

Nothing is more perfect on a cold winter night then cozying up with a good book. With a Rakuten Kobo Plus Read subscription, virtually any book is available with a few taps. There are also gift cards so they can find the latest must-read.

If the gift recipient is into that page-turning experience you can consider gifting a subscription to a weekly magazine, like The New Yorker.

The Gift of Music

Music is now available at our fingertips since we can listen from anywhere on our smartphones. Apple Music is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys music – which is everyone, because who doesn’t love music? They can create the perfect playlist, listen to new releases, top songs, or tap into expertly curated lists.

The Gift of Learning

It seems that with people staying in more, and searching for things to keep themselves occupied, the demand for online learning has skyrocketed. That’s why platforms like Udemy are great. They offer courses on everything from marketing and accounting to design, arts and crafts, photography, and much more. For those who have dreamed of becoming the next ukulele star (or bass, or acoustic stars), lessons from Fender Play might help get you there. Or if you’ve always wanted to learn another language, like Spanish, Italian, Mandarin or even Greek, let Rosetta Stone lead the way.

The Gift of Yoga

Perhaps you’d like to give the gift of Zen? How about Gaia, a video subscription with thousands of yoga videos perfect for all levels of experience. Want to give them the yoga studio experience? lululemon can get your giftee all geared up and ready for downward dog.

The Gift of Flowers

Who doesn’t love receiving beautiful, fresh flowers? It’s a small pleasure in life that while understated makes a meaningful impact. Check out 1800Flowers.ca and Teleflora for the perfect arrangement for any occasion. (Just be sure to consider any pets in the recipients household – some flowers, leaves and plants can be toxic to our fluffy friends.)

The Gift of Food

Send the gift of a meal-in-a-box, with a meal kit delivery service like Chefs Plate or HelloFresh. They offer packages for 2 or 4 people, including vegetarian meals, so everyone can be happy. Best of all, the stress of meal-prep is taken care of as well, so all they have to do is follow the instructions and bing-bang-boom, voilà, their meal is served.

The Gift of Gift Cards

Gift cards don’t get enough respect. Why not let them pick the perfect gift for themselves? Plus, the best part about a gift card is you can use it immediately or you can save it and use it later. Not to mention, they’re valid online and in-store.

With the Rakuten Gift Card Shop we have categories to suit all your needs. It’s important to note that some gift cards are mobile while others are physical gift cards that will be shipped to your address (or can be sent to the giftee directly).

There are gift cards for almost all grocery stores and gas stations across Canada, as well as for fast food and sit-down restaurants, malls, and retail stores. You can’t go wrong with a gift card.


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