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With Earth Day coming up this Friday April 22, this is the perfect time to consider going a little more “green.” Earth Day is a wonderful reminder to try and save the planet, as well as help your own personal health. Using earth friendly, organic products is extremely important for a number of reasons. Firstly, many products that we are used to using are made with harsh toxic chemicals including household cleaners and even skincare and makeup. These harmful pollutants are then sent out into the environment and contaminate our air, water and soil. Not only is this harmful for the earth, but it omits toxins into our own bodies, which can cause a variety of health concerns. Using “green” ingredients makes for eco-friendly manufacturing and keeps the air clean and safe. It is important to protect our planet in order to keep every organism healthy and to maintain a sustainable ecosystem. Consider using green products around the house and green beauty products to keep the planet as well as yourself healthy.

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Check out the list below for some eco-friendly products.

  1. Method Foaming Hand Wash

We think that we are staying clean and hygienic by washing our hands multiple times a day. However, we may not realize that this could actually be harmful. By using non eco-friendly products, we are actually slathering chemicals onto our body and down the sink. Method from is biodegradable, naturally derived and contains clean ingredients. You will be extra clean by using this soap!


  1. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Most makeup and skincare actually contain harmful ingredients. By wearing Burt’s Bees, you can be sure that you are using are clean, green beauty products. This lip balm will provide moisture to your lips while also adding a hint of colour in a safe, earth friendly manner. With natural ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter, you are well on your way to saving the environment.

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  1. Bronner’s Organic Lotion

Nothing feels as good as slathering our bodies in smooth moisturizer. Ensuring that you are using green products is the healthiest option since these products get absorbed into your skin. Dr. Bronner’s organic products are safe for the environment as well as for your skin. Ingredients such as jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and avocado oil are taken from natural sources and provide a green beauty product.


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  1. Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47

Protecting our faces is one of the most important beauty routines. By using green beauty products, we can ensure that we are protecting the planet as well as our skin. Moisturizing and using SPF is a key step in skincare health. Josie Maran from Sephora uses organic, natural, chemical free ingredients and focuses on pure argan oil.


  1. Tata Harper Very Bronzing Cheek Tint

Wearing makeup that is sustainable and chemical free has never been easier. Tata Harper focuses on health-conscious natural beauty that is committed to safety, honesty, and sustainability. Adding a pop of colour to your cheeks with this bronzer is a smart, green choice. With no synthetic or chemical ingredients, Tata Harper is the perfect green beauty line of products. (Available at Sephora!)


  1. Origins Active Charcoal Mask

Keeping your face clean should be everyone’s mission. The best way to do this however is to use clean, green beauty products. Origins is made with earth friendly ingredients, which means that this face mask will keep your pores, as well as your body clean. Charcoal is used to draw out toxins from your pores for clear, pure skin. Origins is also committed to using packaging made from recycled materials which are produced by renewable energy sources. Also, the company has planted over 500,000 trees around the world in order to keep our air and water clean, while providing food and shelter for animals. These are all key factors in having a healthy ecosystem.


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This Earth Day, get inspired to go green and use green beauty products. Staying organic when you can is not only beneficial for your health, but you will be making a positive difference in the environment. has a variety of stores available to shop for eco-friendly products and to make this Earth Day your healthiest yet!


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