Easter Brunch Ideas

One of the most exciting parts about Easter is no doubt the meal. Families usually gather for Easter brunch to celebrate the holiday and have some fun. Since brunch is pretty much the best meal of the day, the addition of a holiday and family makes it even better. If you are hosting your Easter brunch, don’t fear. These recipe ideas below have got you covered to impress and wow your guests. Head over to Rakuten.ca to check out cooking utensils and supplies from Hudson’s Bay. Even grab some Easter treats while you are at it from Well.ca, while getting cash back!


  1. Frittata

Since eating eggs is customary on this holiday, a frittata is a fabulous Easter brunch option. It not only feeds a crowd, but it is so versatile. You can throw in whatever you have in your fridge or your favourite veggies. Eggs symbolize new life and represent Jesus being resurrected after his death. To amp up the Easter traditions even more, ham is usually eaten on this holiday as well because the pig is seen as a symbol of luck and good fortune. Tossing some chopped ham into the frittata is a tasty addition.

  1. Hot Cross Buns

For a sweet addition to your Easter brunch, hot cross buns are an obvious choice. The cross represents crucifixion, and it doesn’t hurt that these buns are scrumptious as well. Feel free to get creative and add in any dried fruit of your choice for something different.

  1. Smoothies

An excellent way to get your children to eat healthy without even knowing is with smoothies. Making a big batch of a smoothie for Easter brunch is sure to please people of all ages. Tossing in some healthy ingredients such as spinach and flaxseeds can add some nutrition to an otherwise indulgent meal without compromising flavour.

  1. Lamb Meatballs

Lamb is traditionally eaten during Easter because it is considered lucky in the Christian religion. Instead of slaving over a whole leg or rack of lamb, try making lamb meatballs. Guests can nibble on a few of these while enjoying other options as well.

  1. Chocolate Egg cookies

A meal is simply not complete without dessert! Since chocolate eggs are a tradition on Easter, a creative way to incorporate them is into cookies. Most people love cookies and the addition of chocolate eggs is a special, delicious touch.

This Easter brunch is sure to please everyone with the above mouthwatering recipe ideas. Enjoy the holiday this weekend with family and food! Happy Easter!


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