Foodie Trends & Kitchen Gadgets

Although food in itself is incredibly fun, pleasurable and one of the best things on earth, it can also be quite trendy. Everyday there are new foodie trends that seems to be popping up everywhere. However, there are also gadgets and tools that we use with our food that are worth mentioning as well. Without tools to prepare food, preparation can sometimes get obsolete and boring. Foodies everywhere can rejoice in these below items that are trending these days. Some of these are perfect for creating your own food trends and sharing with your foodie friends. For all your kitchen appliances and accessories needs, has some fabulous options, so get shopping (and eating)!

  1. Veggetti

If you keep up with food trends, or try to eat healthy, you are probably familiar with spiralizing vegetables. The most common trending veggie is probably zucchini but pretty much any vegetable can be turned into thin strips. The idea is to mimic noodles and offers a guilt-free pasta swap. There are tons of brands and versions of spiralizers on the market but the Vegetti is handheld, easy to use, and small enough to throw into a drawer. If you consider yourself a healthy foodie, try the spiralizing trend for a delicious and nutritious meal.


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  1. Nibble Cake Pan

Baking may not necessarily be a food trend, since eating sweet treats is always trending. However, this cake pan is the perfect option and pan that you never knew you needed, until now. Foodies must be going crazy over this. We all know the temptation of baking a cake for an event and then dying to try just a nibble. This pan has a mini cake pan attached to it for that purpose. Consider this a reward for your hard work with a tiny version of your cake ready just for you.


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  1. Thermometer Spatula

This spatula is one super cool invention. You can minimize the amount of utensils in the kitchen because this is a three in one. Not only can you stir and scrape down the sides with this spatula, but it will also tell you the temperature of whatever is cooking. Whether you are tempering chocolate, making jam, sauce, or just about anything, this takes the guesswork out of it. What makes this even better is that the thermometer can be removed and used on its own for foods such as meat and poultry. This should definitely be in the homes of all foodies.


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  1. Auto Sauce Stirrer

We have all been busy in the kitchen trying to chop, stir, and measure all at once. Burnt sauces and food is surely not a food trend. It is quite common to be taking care of something else in the kitchen or even running to the bathroom, when all of a sudden your food burns from lack of stirring. With this auto stirrer, you can leave it in the pan to stir automatically while you are busy doing other tasks. Perfectly stirred and cooked food is always trending!


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  1. Avocado Tool

This creamy green vegetable is quite the food trend these days. Not only is it trending and popular among foodies, but it is also quite healthy. Avocados are so versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. This tool will cut, pit, scoop out, slice and mash your avocado. Having just one tool will make all foodies’ lives a lot easier without trying to find the perfect utensils for each of these tasks.


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  1. Cutting Mat

Transferring food from the cutting board to a pot or pan can lead to a complete disaster. No matter how careful or neat you try to be, it is sometimes just impossible to do so without spilling. The angle can be quite awkward, especially if there is a large amount of food on the board. With this flexible cutting mat, this task is made simple. Once you chop on the board, you can then lift and fold it to pour your food, mess-free.


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With these utensils and gadgets, cooking is sure to be a breeze. Once introducing these products into your kitchen, you will wonder how you ever lived without them! By shopping for these on you are sure to make them worth your while. Having fun in the kitchen while also simplifying the activity, and making money through Rakuten is always on trend. Foodies everywhere will love each of these gadgets!


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