6 Reasons to LOVE the Rakuten Express Button

If you haven’t already downloaded the Rakuten Express Browser Button—what are you waiting for?

And if your answer is because you don’t know why you should, let us quell this age-old question now with the 6 best and only reasons you need to download it ASAP (after reading this of course).

1. Easy Download
Literally click one button and it’s downloaded. What could be easier? Here’s where you can find this one-stop-shop.

2. No brainer
Let’s be honest, sometimes you’re more focused on shopping for all the awesome things you need. If you download the browser button, you’ll never forget Cash Back again because every time you visit a partner site, your button will do all the work for you.

3. Hello, notifications!
Speaking of which, this notification is hard not to notice and that’s why we love it! You’ll see it clearly indicated if you’re missing out on Cash Back, by the box asking you to activate Cash Back or the small box flashing in your toolbar. Once you activate Cash Back, you’ll see that small box with the ‘E’ turn from flashing red to a green solid outline. So, no need to worry, we’ve logged your shopping trip and you’ll earn Cash Back.

4. Save Time
You better believe we’re all about the shopping experience so we’ve made it easy. No logging in, no stopping anywhere else first, the box will automatically pop-up when you’re on a store page that offers Cash Back. It’s really that easy.

5. So many stores!
It works with participating stores but most of your Rakuten favourites are going to pop up with the button. Like… Joe Fresh, Sephora, Old Navy, Home Depot, Chapters Indigo, GAP, need I say more?

6. Save Money
Cash Back is now displayed in your stores and product search results, so you’ll always get the best deal! This is great for comparison shopping and another way you’ll never miss out on Cash Back again. Seriously. You’re welcome.

We have so many awesome offerings that can help you build up that Cash Back and make your Rakuten experience the best it can be! From the Rakuten Gift Card Shop, Rakuten App to the Express Browser Button, it can be a lot to learn but of course, we always share our tips and tricks, especially if you recently joined!

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