Top Electronics to Shop this Spring

Spring isn’t just a time for cleaning and new beginnings. It’s also a great time to catch up on the latest tech trends. We’ve put together a list to get you started, from hair to home, all the electronics you’ll need to put a spring in your step.

Smart Homes

Smart homes are where it’s at these days. Think voice assistants, thermostats, locks and controls, blinds, and even sleep tech. All these gadgets can either work on their own, or you can synch them up to work as one incredibly smart system to run your home more efficiently. Best Buy has you covered and you get Cash Back too. Now THAT’S smart!

Smart thermostats like Nest and Echo can help you maintain a cool (or warm) home automatically, but also help you save on your energy bill. Visit your utility provider’s website to see about extra discounts and refunds.

Want to see who’s at your door? Or don’t want to miss a delivery when you’re not home? Shop around for video doorbells.

Voice assistants can manage all your smart home tech. Choose from Google Home, Amazon Echo and more.

Phillips Hue is the cool kid on the block. This personal lighting system combines LED lighting with smart tech. For newbies, get the starter kit, connect your bridge, download the app, and play around with the settings. Check it out in our What’s In Our Cart video roundup!


Apple watch. Fitbits. Virtual reality. Even pet wearable tech. The future is here and you can wear it everywhere you go. Don’t leave home without it. Tech superstores, like The Source and Amazon, carry all the top brands.

The Fitbit Versa offers everything-but-the-phone on your wrist. Monitor your heartrate 24/7, listen to music, access to your favourite apps, and more.

Apple Watch has been around for a few years now and continues to evolve. It allows you to connect to your phone sans the phone. It’s a whole other level of connected.

Virtual Reality is unlike anything else. Use it with your favourite gaming systems or make your own VR memories with VR videos. Look for stand-alone systems and special live-action VR cameras.

Arts and Play

Nintendo created a fun way to get back to building basics with the help of tech. Introducing Nintendo Labo, where you can build pieces to interact with your Nintendo Switch. Labo teaches kids of all ages the principles of physics, engineering, and programming by allowing the cardboard cut-outs to interact with the game.

Sonos takes your music to a whole new dimension. Play:1 is aptly dubbed “Mini but Mighty” because it fits any space thanks to its tiny design, but the sound is incredibly rich despite its size.

Designed for readers by readers, the Kobo Aura ONE takes e-reading that much further. Bigger screen, better lighting (and reduced blue-light exposure), and it’s even waterproof.

Whatever you need for electronics, we’ve got something for everyone! Shop these hot items and earn Cash Back on your purchases!


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