Game Day Decor: Super Bowl 50


Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner!

With game day, you have many things to prepare including food and what you’re going to wear. Super Bowl decor can be simple or elaborate, but nonetheless, is here to help!

It’s easy to shop for party supplies online and have it shipped right to your house!
Here are some of our favourite stores to shop for Party supplies:

Now that you know where to shop, here’s some simple ideas of what you should search for on your hunt for perfect party decor for Super Bowl 50!

Printable Cupcake Toppers
So cute and playful to top your favourite flavour of cupcakes. Football jerseys are a great pick for toppers!

Printable Posters
This is the time to fan out! Print a poster that shows support for your favourite team. Whether you’re team Broncos or team Panthers, there’s many options to choose from.

This is a great way to incorporate colour into your decor that is cute, without being over the top. Pick up a kit where you can change out the colors for whatever type of party you’re throwing! It’s simple but perfect for a sports party!

Label/Bottle Wraps
Keep the troops hydrated with decorative wrapped bottles. If your decor is very team-based, think of changing out the water bottle option inspired by referees. Find a bottle wrap with black & white stripes. Tie a whistle to the bottle to fully incorporate the theme!

Photo Booth Props
Take a break from the game and set up a selfie station! Prepare a mini photo booth with hats, sunglasses, and mustaches. Reinforce the football theme with cutouts of helmets, trophies, footballs and items with team colours!

Don’t forget you can make it super simple on yourself and create some DIY stations.
Invite people over early before the game and get people to decorate red cups, make banners & colour chalkboard signs.

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