Genius Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


It’s officially the holiday season, and that means many of us will be shopping for gifts. This year, why not shake things up? We know the world has! Opt for one of these why-didn’t-I-think-of-that gifts and prepare to be named Best Gift Giver!

For your hair

Know someone with super thick hair? They need this! Pick up an Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Towel from Sephora. Why, you might ask? Because for those with thick hair, this magical towel will cut down drying time by half. HALF! And it reduces frizz and breakage, and doesn’t damage colour.

For your nose

OK, we know what you’re thinking. “Who wants a maple syrup-scented candle?” Umm, hello, who doesn’t? Not only is it the perfect winter comfort scent, but it also makes a great gift to non-Canadians. *wink* The Seracon Maple Syrup Tin Candle with Wooden Wick Bundle from is a 2-pack, which means you can keep one for yourself and gift the other, or keep them both, or (GASP!) give them both as gifts.

For your hunger

Is there anyone who isn’t obsessed with the egg bites that have suddenly appeared on every coffee shop menu? If you are, or know someone who is, here’s a great gift. The Dash Egg Bite Maker from TSC will let you make them at home – fully flavour customizable (bacon + cheddar = heaven). It’s perfect for fancying up at-home brunches, or making snacks for the WFH or LFH (learn from home) crowds.

For your headaches

We all know a headache sufferer. Thankfully, there are some completely legit, over-the-counter solutions that also happen to make excellent gifts. These Hegu Acupressure Rings available on Goop use acupressure points in your fingers to help alleviate headaches. Take note of the sizing instructions so you get the best-fit.

For your dog

Don’t forget Fido! Make sure your family’s mascot also gets in on the holiday action. We love The ASOBU® Blue dog bowl bottle is a way to keep your BFF (best furry friend) hydrated on-the-go. You can get yours from Chapters-Indigo.

For your eyes and ears

The Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter Kit allows you to create a variety of design patterns with these modular light panels which respond to lighting cues, music and more. The possibilities are almost infinite. Available at Home Depot.

For your self-care

Bubbles, candles, a book and your favourite drink (alcoholic or non-, case wine-not?!). Relax into a soothing bath, and rest your bath time essentials on SimonsBamboo bath caddy. Soak it up, you deserve it.

For your friends

Of course, the gift that keeps on giving is the Rakuten Refer a Friend program. Why? Because not only are you sharing the gift of Cash Back with those you care about, but you’re also giving them bonus Cash Back for signing up after their first purchase. (Oh, and you get Cash Back bonus too – $25 for each qualifying referral!)


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