How to Get Great Deals for Holiday Shopping Online


The Internet is a wonderful place for holiday shopping. Especially for those in need of finding great deals on the gifts, clothing, decorations, and other items they purchase for the holiday season. Many people are surprised to learn that it is not only possible to get great deals for holiday shopping online, but also simple to do. The key is as simple as finding the “perfect storm” of events for a better bargain on the World Wide Web. These simple steps will help you get more for your money when shopping online this holiday season.

Begin Your Shopping Experience with Rakuten

We offer you discounts and rrakuten for shopping with more than 650 of Canada’s favorite retailers. This includes top stores known for good prices and great deals like Walmart and Amazon. Beginning with Rakuten means that you can enjoy the great deals you’re accustomed to getting with these discount retail giants whilst also enjoying additional savings in the form of Walmart coupons, Amazon promotional codes, and cash back rewards from Rakuten. It’s a true winning scenario for anyone interested in keeping the costs of the holiday season low this year.

Walmart offers shoppers many potential benefits. From their already low prices to free shipping offers for purchases over a certain amount of money and rollback savings. Walmart offers plenty of great deals throughout the holiday season. They even offer free site-to-store shipping for many items on the website and a value of the day item that represents a deeper than average discount on the special item.

Amazon has a lot to offer shoppers as well, especially Canadian shoppers who have decided to take advantage of an Amazon Prime membership. If you haven’t tried Prime in the past, Amazon offers you the opportunity to try it free for 30 days. The holiday season is a great time to test out the potential rewards of a prime membership and the free two-day shipping is sure to spoil you.

Amazon also offers daily special deals and, for the holidays, the deals are eve wider than an average day. Combine these deals with coupons, codes, rebates, and free two-day shipping and your holiday shopping deals just got even better.

These aren’t the only establishments where you can find great bargains for the holidays though. Shopping through Rakuten allows you fast access to more than 650 online stores that feature many of your favorite brands – and offers rrakuten for shopping all of them. This means that any items you purchase from websites by beginning your search on Rakuten allows you the opportunity to make your holiday budget stretch a little wider by providing cash rrakuten during the next quarter.

Make Big Savings Even Better

Whether you are a seasoned coupon shopping pro or you are relatively new to the concept of using Walmart online coupons, the savings available to you are there and are very real. The fact that Walmart offers already deeply discounted items for sale means that you stand to save big on holiday purchases with the additional discounts. Stack those savings with credit cards that offer points and Rakuten rrakuten and your savings are that much bigger – and better.

When it comes to holiday shopping, though, the best gift you can give yourself is the gift of a thorough, detailed, and well planned shopping list. This will allow you to take advantage of the best deals at the best prices for everyone on your list. This allows your budget to buy more stuff for the people you love and helps keep you out of the poorhouse once the holidays have ended.

Use your list along with the online coupons Walmart has available and others you might find on the Rakuten website to make your purchases. Take advantage of deep discounts, rollbacks, and deals of the day. Then enjoy the benefits of a job well done and a little leftover jingle in your pockets to help you make it through the holidays.

While you are at it, look for discounts on the costs of everyday items you must use throughout the holidays too. These savings will help to strengthen your holiday shopping budget at a time when every extra dollar matters. Don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping on high-value orders or consider buying items available for site-to-store shipping, which is also free, instead.

Amazon Canada also presents abundant opportunities to maximize your savings. Beginning with an promo code and moving on to auto-ship orders for certain necessities, helps you to plan your holiday spending and bargain hunting even better. The more time you spend planning, the less likely it is that you will go over budget while you’re actually shopping for the holidays.

Amazon goes above and beyond by offering the benefit of Amazon Prime to members. The subscription fee is well worth it for the holiday season alone, while most people will agree that free two-day shipping is a huge blessing at almost any time of the year.

While there are certainly bargains to be found when shopping at, it is important to understand the value of items you’re shopping for – to ensure you’re getting the great deal you expect. Amazon also carries items that are high value and high cost merchandise. This allows you a wider range of options, especially considering it is possible to get great deals on high value purchases as well, to shop for during the holiday season.

Be on the Lookout for these things while Shopping for the Holidays Online

These tips will help you get even more from your experiences shopping online. More importantly, they will help you steer clear of potential pitfalls that could delay packages or wind up costing more than you expect. Be on the lookout for these things and your online holiday shopping should keep you comfy, cozy, and feeling like anyone but Mr. Scrooge this holiday season.

Make Apples to Apples Comparisons

Not all products or premises are created equal. If you notice a big price difference from one website to the next, look for “gotcha gimmicks” like high shipping costs, or inferior products. Many sites offer products that look like high end products – until you order them and find out that they are knockoffs that are not built to last. This is quite common in clothing and electronics.

Pay Attention to Fulfillment Dates

These are the dates when products actually ship. Sometimes items are backordered but remain in the catalog. Just because items usually ship within a certain timeframe after ordering doesn’t mean they will actually ship at that time. Read carefully to make sure there is a guaranteed shipping date – especially if you’re on a strict timetable to deliver the gift.

Some retailers are deliberately vague about this information – especially close to Christmas, but make sure you know what the deal is or you run the risk of being disappointed (or having a disappointed child on your hands for the holiday).

Make Note of Origination Location

Knowing where your holiday items are shipping from can save you the frustration of having an intended holiday gift tied up for months in customs. Items shipping from foreign countries may be subject to inspection, which can substantially delay the product’s arrival to your front door. Choose items where shipping originates in Canada for the best possible outcome.

Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity

Even when shopping for great deals you can keep your eyes set on buying high quality gifts as well. You don’t always have to choose between the two. In fact both Amazon and Walmart carry some surprisingly stylish quality items. In some cases, this may mean purchasing fewer gifts for those on your list, but could result in gifts that bring more pleasure and last longer – making them far more memorable instead.

Always Keep an Eye out for Exceptional Bargains

While it may feel as though they are few and far between in today’s consumer economy, there are still some exceptional deals to be found – especially as the big holiday dates move closer. Keep an eye out and see what kinds of bargains arise over the next couple of weeks and even after the holidays as stores attempt to rid themselves of excess inventory before the New Year begins.

Holiday shopping can feel like such a chore to those who trudge from store to store in search of the next great holiday bargain. For those who do a little planning ahead and who aren’t afraid to embrace the power of technology for their online shopping, the potential benefits are nearly endless. At Rakuten, we believe that everyone deserves to get the brands they love at slightly more affordable prices. That is why we offer access to deep discounts, a wide range of products and brands, and bigger better discounts, codes, deals, and coupons to those who are willing and able to take advantage of these exceptional offers. Start shopping today to enjoy maximum discounts for your holiday bounty.


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