Get Frighteningly Good Halloween Offers with Rakuten

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When you’re a kid, Halloween is all about free stuff. Mainly, the ‘stuff’ is ‘candy’, handed out by friendly neighbours until you can’t carry any more, at which point you eat it until you can’t eat anymore: it’s a delicious cycle, only occasionally marred by puking and that one time your older cousin scared you half to death by telling you the old ‘razors in candy bars’ urban legend.

Of course, as a parent it’s more obvious that all this stuff costs money. Even if you’re not the guts-on-the-guttering type, you have to at least get some candy in for when the kids come knocking. If you have kids of your own or you just like to go all-out with the fake blood, Halloween can come with a pretty lengthy shopping list: Pumpkins, treats, candles, decorations, candy, costumes, make-up, more candy… The list goes on.

Fortunately, as always, has your back, with a couple of dozen deals on all the above and more. Naturally enough, anyone who sells party goods or fancy dress absolutely loves Halloween, and they’re more than happy to sweeten the deal with bargains of all kinds: Wholesale Halloween Costumes is offering a pretty sweet 5% cash back as well as 5% off any order over $50: That’s a lower price and a few bucks put straight back in your wallet. The combination of those two means you’re getting already-cheap wholesale items at sub-wholesale prices, and both deals run right up to Halloween and beyond!

Not to be outdone, Spirit Halloween, a major costume retailer with a Halloween focus, is offering a limited-time deal 20% off any purchase plus 6.5% cash back. After putting those two together you’ll make big savings! But act fast – offers end soon.

Costume SuperStore Canada are also in on the game, with 6.5% cash back and a huge range of costumes at prices as low as $4.99, perfect for those who like to get into the spirit of the holiday but don’t think that has to mean spending hundreds of dollars on a costume you’re only going to wear the one time! With a huge range of stock, you’re sure to find something great this year and every year after.

So if you’re after specialists stores, we’ve got you covered. However, if you prefer a tried-and-tested brand, Amazon are also getting in on the Halloween fun with up to 4% cash back on all Halloween-related products. This includes costumes and candy. If you’re more the staying-in type, you can also head to the Halloween Shop and get cash back on a huge variety of horror movies from bonafide classics to b-movies (some of which are also classics) right up to the 31st.

ThinkGeek, the world’s top online store for all things geeky, is also offering Halloween deals, with 2.5% cash back, a free, Halloween-themed t-shirt on any order over $40 and up to 40% off Halloween decorations. ThinkGeek pretty much sell costumes all years round, so they know what they’re about when it comes to Halloween. If you need to satisfy your inner geek with a perfect Han Solo costume, this is the place to turn. And, hey, you get a free t-shirt, too.

There’s also Torrid who, in addition to their usual 4% cash back on their range of clothes for sizes 12 to 28, have a great range of plus-sized Halloween costumes with deals of up to 30% off, so that everyone of any shape and size can join in the Halloween fun and save money, too.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few still supporting the last signs of a summertime tan, but that doesn’t quite chime with the deathly pallor you need to go with your new discount Dracula costume. Luckily for you and your prospects of winning the local costume competition, BH Cosmetics are offering over 50% off on their Halloween make-up range, in addition to their usual incredibly generous 7.5% cash back! You won’t get a better cash back deal on cosmetics anywhere this Halloween, so stock up now and keep the scares coming in for years to come.

For an extra-thoughtful gift, you can also pick up a bouquet (get it?) with 5% cash back from Teleflora and no service fee. But if you simply have to spend the holiday with your folks, we’ve teamed up with and OneTravel to bring you $30 off flights around Halloween, with up to $8 or $12.50 worth of cash back, respectively. Maybe don’t wear your costume going through airport security, though.

In addition to the above, plenty of stores you don’t normally associate with the holidays and gift-giving are also offering bargains this Halloween. Life is Good have deals on trick or treat tote bags, with Life is Good throwing one in completely free with any Collection order including a Halloween-themed product (plus cash back of 4%!). Lowe’s have also found a way to get a slice of the Halloween action, offering 20% off Halloween inflatables in addition to their usual 1.5% cash back. If you want to decorate your house and yard with something that’s easily storable afterward, Lowe’s is the place to go.

Now that you know that you can have everything that makes a great Halloween – scary movies, cool costumes, insane decorations, gruesome make-up and the rest – without breaking the bank, it’s time to get back to where we started, with what every kid knows is really important about the holidays. No, not ‘family’. CANDY. Luckily for you, you shop with Rakuten, so you get access to our exclusive deals and cash back on all kinds of products, up to and including chocolate.

For example, See’s Candies (who, I’m told, know a thing or two about candy) are offering 3% cash back, so that you can stock up enough for all the kids in the neighbourhood and, more importantly, still have plenty left at the end of the night that you just have to eat so that none of it goes to waste. You can also order a variety of gift baskets if you’re still in the generous mood from a few paragraphs back.

With Rakuten, you can get yourself truly set for Halloween frights and fun. But don’t let the savings stop there! We’ll be back with more offers for Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond, so you can shop and save online all year round.


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