Hobbies to Help Improve Your Life

Hobbies to Help Improve Your Life

If you need more “me” time, raise your hand 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Sometimes we get so caught up in work and social media and everything in between that we forget to enjoy the little things (instead of sweating them).

We’ve curated a list of hobbies to help you cultivate a new skill, make new friends and have fun all the while.


The kitchen is a great place to unwind and get creative. Trying new recipes – whether they be sweet or savoury tooth and techniques challenges your mind and body from multiple perspectives. It’s also one of those amazing hobbies that helps bring people together – think about the parties where all the guests end up in the kitchen chatting with the host preparing the meal or family meals and laughs around the dinner table.

If you’re ready to try your hand at a new cuisine, visit the Gift Card Shop for Cash Back on a grocery store gift card for all the ingredients you’ll need. Or, if you want something a little more structured to start you off, try Chef’s Plate or HelloFresh for a meal that takes the prep out of cooking.


Sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. Venture outside your comfort zone and pick up a book (or e-reader) from a different genre, a self-improvement book is a great way to start. With Cash Back options from The New Yorker, Chapters-Indigo and Kobo, the literary world is your oyster.


Whether you prefer to workout at home (think Beachbody or Bowflex) or take classes, fitness is something most Canadian could use more of (especially in the winter since when hibernation is the most enticing thing to do with any spare time).

Crafts and DIY

Perfect for everyone, crafting and making things yourself is a great way to decompress, with an awesome handmade as the product! Here are a few ways you can give DIY a try:

• Take a Home Depot workshop – they’re offered for people of all skill levels
• Order crafting supplies from Amazon, Etsy or eBay for a skill-building birthday party or school break activity

TV, Movies and Music

Snuggle up for a family night (or day) by enjoying some of the newest movies and shows, like The Mandalorian on Disney+ (hello, adorable Baby Yoda!) Or have a dance party care of Apple Music.

Check out the site for many more entertainment options sure to make family time together memorable.

Professional Development

Maybe you’re gearing towards a skill-building hobby… GREAT idea! Udemy offers self-paced online language classes, makeup lessons, how to build a Wordpress website, math, animation and much (MUCH!) more.

If photography is something that intrigues you, visit a local Henry’s for photography lessons (and the equipment).


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