Fitness from Home

Fitness From Home

We’ve long been supporters of the DIY mentality and that doesn’t change when it comes to fitness! More and more people are finding time and ways to get active without leaving their home. Not only does it save you time and money, but it’s also a great way to involve the entire family and instill the importance of physical fitness and activity in even the youngest of Savvy Shoppers.

And, we want to help support your active, healthy lifestyle endeavors. So, if you’re one of the many getting your workout on without the gym, these tips are for you!

Step 1: Plan your workout

The Internet and social media are AWESOME places to find exercise inspiration. Here are a few of the place we’ve found workouts for every fitness level and preference:

Social Media

We all know there’s tons of beneficial information living online. We’ve found that Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are especially awesome places to find a workout.

Follow fitness influencers, gyms and studios and fitness fashion brands for follow-along activities, workouts specific to the body part you want to target or the type of intensity you’re after, and other wellness-related content.

On Instagram, start a collection of workout posts/videos to refer back to when you’re ready to sweat. Keep an eye out for Instagram live videos from your favourite studio or trainer! Along the same lines, you can save a workout to a playlist on YouTube for whenever you need it.

“I follow quite a few fitness influencers for workout ideas, tips, and routines. A couple I’m very inspired by are @sfm_fitness, @trainwithjoan, Natacha Océane, and ATHLEAN-X” explains Lexi, Social Media Specialist. “There are so many gyms and studios that offer comprehensive content via social, I love @boloinc for their creativity and personality, and @goodlifefitness for the variety of accessible content.”

On Pinterest, you’ll find some great workout ideas and inspiration! From fitness challenges (like squats or push-ups) to HIIT (high-intensity interval training), yoga and Pilates exercises, cardio plans (hello, couch to 5K!), and lots more ideas that will get your heart pumping while having a blast! And, be sure to follow us for inspiring pins and ideas!


Like social media, there are several apps out there to help you get fit from wherever you like to work out. They offer comprehensive workouts with little to no equipment – and the best part is that they don’t cost much (if anything!). Most offer programs for everyone from the beginner to the expert athlete. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to download our app to earn Cash Back on everything you need for your home sweat session.

Lexi suggests looking at fitness app like FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans, Nike Training Club, Gymshark | Workout Planner, and Gymondo: Fitness & Yoga. If you have a preferred gym or studio, see if they’re offering some kind of virtual class or program on platforms like Strava, Mindbody, or a private subscription site.

Workout tip: Set an alarm, calendar invite, or daily reminder 1 hour – 30 minutes before your intended workout. It gives you time to wrap up whatever you’re doing, get changed, fill up your water bottle, and set up any accessories you may need.

Step 2: Dress the part

An important, and exciting, part of fitness. The right outfit for your workout can help you move more efficiently; wick sweat and keep you supported. Not to mention how cute a workout outfit is! We love taking sweaty selfie post-workout (#swealfie) – it’s empowering and we see how much hard work we put in.

You might already have a great collection of workout clothes at home but if you’re looking to expand it, here are some stores we’d recommend:

H&M : Great sportswear at a good price
Kit and Ace: Comfortable styles in streetwear, activewear & workwear! Perfect for people always on the move.
Sweaty Betty: Lots of legging selection and loungewear, plus great workouts, too!
Lorna Jane: High-performance activewear perfect for yoga, spin, and everything in between!
Lululemon: High quality, technical gear perfect for a range of workouts (and not to be missed home workouts, run training guides & yoga flows)
JustFab: Subscription-style service with a dedicated athletic shop with fun & trendy styles.

Step 3: No weights, no problem

Many of us don’t have the room, not the funds to splurge on a kitted-out home gym. And the good news is that it’s absolutely not necessary! Here are some creative alternatives to dumbbells that you most definitely have around the house:

• Jugs with handles – a laundry detergent jug, for example
• Cans – soup, spaghetti sauce, anything you can grasp will work
• Backpack + books – great for adding weight to lower body movements
• Bag of potatoes – a 10lb is good resistance for many exercises
• Towel – hold it taught for tension in upper body movements, or under your feet for lower body and abs
• A chair or couch – great for balancing through a variety of movements

Another tip: If you have some money to invest, resistance bands in a variety of lengths or resistances can go a LONG way in building strength and endurance. There are many programs online that only use bands or add them to the program you’re currently doing for even more of a challenge!

At this point, you have everything you need to absolutely crush a workout without leaving the house! Here are three more things to keep in mind before, during, and after your exercise:

Water – it’s so important to stay hydrated, and not just when you’re working out! Here are a few tips to help you drink more H20.

Don’t forget nutrition – fueling your body with whole foods and ensuring you’re eating enough to get through a workout. Check out the Rakuten Gift Card Shop for Cash Back on gift cards to grocery stores across Canada.

Music – studies show that listening to music while working out increases endurance, distracts you from fatigue, and reduces perceived effort. Most importantly? It makes exercise even more enjoyable! Earn Cash Back on an Apple Music subscription and start building that playlist!


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