In-Store Cash Back: How It Works

Big news shoppers! That’s right, now you can get the Cash Back you love while shopping at the stores you love, IRL.

Here is the low-down with all the details you need to know about shopping and earning In-Store Cash Back!


Shopping in stores now gets you Cash Back at select retailers. YAY! It’s so exciting, we’re gonna say it twice. Visit your favourite brick-and-mortar stores (see the list of partners below) and get paid to shop.


All you have to do is link a credit card (yes, you can link more than one card) to your Rakuten account. Visit the Current Offers section on our website to see what In-Store Cash Back offers are available. When an offer strikes your fancy, link it to the card of your choice on your account. Click “Link Offer” and chose the card of your choice. But remember, each link is only valid for one shopping trip, so you have to add the offers every time you go shopping. Then just pay with the linked card, and voilà, Cash Back will be headed your way. Sorry, debit cards aren’t accepted for this program.


We’re launching with a few stores to start, and they’re some of your favourites, too. Old Navy, Gap, Bed Bath & Beyond, American Eagle, Buy Buy Baby, Johnston & Murphy & more!


Guess what? It’s already started. Hurry up, log into your Rakuten account, add your credit card(s), and start linking those offers. The shopping won’t do itself.


Across Canada. Right now, the In-Store Cash Back is only available to those with credit cards issued from Canadian banks to Canadian-based cardholders.


Umm, because we love shopping as much as you do, and sometimes, you just want to go out to the mall and buy stuff. There you go, Canada. Shop online or off.

For all the nitty gritty on this super awesome new program, check out this page with all the FAQs you might have. And be sure to check back often to stay in the loop for all the latest In-Store Cash Back updates, new partners joining, and more.

  • Brenda


    Would love to take advantage of this, just nervous about having my credit card into “out there”

    • Melissa Lessard

      Hey Brenda,

      We can assure you that we take your privacy and security information very seriously and work hard to ensure this information remains secure with! You can rest assured that your credit card data is safely stored in a secure, encrypted environment. You can learn more about in our Privacy Policy here:

  • David Kenyon


    yes I wish to participate

    I have only a debit card, NOT a credit card

    please advise

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