Be a Lifelong Learner

Be a Lifelong Learner

Learning isn’t solely the realm of kids in elementary, high school or even university. In fact, it’s beneficial to adults in so many more ways.

There are many notable benefits to being a lifelong learner. The professional development aspect is great for climbing the corporate ladder and building your income, but that’s not the only type of learning, nor the only benefit.

Learning renews your self-motivation, improves your personal and professional skills as well as your self-confidence, and overall, it’s a great way to enrich your life.

Fender Play

Learn to play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and ukulele online. So, if you’re one of those people who’s always wanted to learn an instrument – consider this your golden opportunity! Plus, you get to learn to play the songs you love (hello, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran!).

Textbooks, including rentals, new and used, or e-textbooks. It’s perfect for anyone starting university or college, or any program that requires a textbook – we all know how those can add up. And once you’re done, you can even sell your used books again to try and recoup some of that money.


TONs of online classes. Maybe you’re interested in learning business skills; there are e-commerce, web development, finance and accounting, and entrepreneurship classes to get you started. Or, you may prefer to learn a new hobby or skill like makeup application, cake decorating, bread baking, drawing, or soap making – no problem, Udemy has you covered there too!

Rosetta Stone

World-renowned for learning a new language. With 20+ languages to choose from it’s a great way to work those mental muscles. Plus, if you have younger kids, why not make it a family activity? Kids are said to learn new languages faster and it could be a great family bonding opportunity.

And if you’re more of a DIY learner, there’s probably a gift card to compliment your new pursuit. If you’re following along your favourite Food Network cooking show, why not grab all the ingredients you need with a gift card. Or maybe your new hobby requires supplies? Either way, getting Cash Back on a gift card is a great way to save on education.


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