March Break Activities for Kids

The everyday hustle and bustle of getting the kids up and off to school can be enough to tire you out before 9 am. Once the kids are at school all day, you have time to spend the day either at work, or doing necessary errands and housework. For some, this may be a relief no matter how much you love your children. However, come March Break, your kids are off school and at home all week. This may be ideal for them to have a week off, but as a parent, it can get pretty stressful and expensive. Having the kids home all day for a week straight is fun and special, but finding things to do can be a challenge.

If you can take March Break off of work or are a stay at home parent, spending this week with your children takes some creativity. There are many March Break activities to do at home without costing a penny, as well as some cheap things to do.

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Most children love getting creative in the kitchen and also enjoy eating sweet treats. Baking and cooking is an interactive activity where the children take ownership in eating what they have created. Teaching children how to bake and cook are wonderful skills to learn early on. Get creative with ingredients you already have at home so you don’t have to spend extra money on groceries.

Get Outdoors

Luckily, many cities are experiencing quite mild March Break weather. This means activities such as riding bikes around the neighbourhood, as well as sidewalk chalk on your driveway and jumping rope are excellent ways to entertain your children while also getting some fresh air. These March Break activities are sure to tire your child out and maybe give you some quiet time once you come inside!


If you are starting to get “cabin fever” or “March Break fever” head to your local library for a free March Break activity. Many libraries host activities and events during March Break which is a fabulous way to entertain your child while also being social with the neighbourhood. Spending time reading different books and exploring the library is a great way to get your child away from a screen and technology.

Make a Tent/Fort

What do kids love more than making a mess? As long as they promise to clean up and not leave the mess for you, encourage your children to turn their bedroom, playroom, or family room into a cozy escape. They can get creative with pillows and blankets to make an indoor fort or tent this March Break.

Put on a Play

Children love using their imagination, so why not have them put on a play for you? They can use their creativity and artsy side to come up with the script, as well as find costumes around the house. Putting on a show at home is always a great free March Break activity

Dance Party

If you and your family need to blow off some steam or just feel like having a good time, put on your favourite tunes and get dancing. Moving around and getting some physical activity will keep everyone’s spirits and energy up during this potentially long March Break week at home. On the plus side, this is free!

Puzzles, Board Games

If all else fails, or you feel like you have tried every activity you can think of, nothing says good old fun like puzzles and board games. These get your children’s brains working and pass the time very well. This March Break activity is stimulating, and doesn’t cost you a penny since you already have them at home.

March Break is a time for children to relax, but also have a little fun. Enjoy and cherish this time with your children and get creative in ways of entertaining them. Involving yourself and playing with your children is a wonderful bonding experience and stress reliever. March Break activities do not have to cost money, and as you can see, these cheap activities are sure to keep your children entertained. After all this fun, they will head back to school refreshed and ready to learn.


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