New Year, New Me

2019 is here, which means new year resolutions. The team shares some fitness and health suggestions for the whole family

There’s something about the end of the year that gets people all excited about the possibilities ahead. Rightfully so, the new year symbolizes change.

Whether you believe in resolutions or you’re simply ready to jump into the new year, using these natural changes to implement something feels right. The important thing is to set achievable and realistic goals so you can manage expectations and truly try to accomplish everything you set out for yourself in the new year.

Milestones are also an important part in achieving success with bigger goals. For instance, some of the most popular new year resolutions involve health and fitness. If your goal is to lose a certain number of pesky pounds, break those down into smaller goals, so you can celebrate the small wins on your way to accomplishing your bigger target. This will also help you keep going even if you experience smaller hiccups.

But goals and resolutions and intentions don’t always have to revolve around health and fitness. What about spending less time on social media and more time with friends and family IRL? Try scheduling family fun night at least once a week with your kids, or go out to the movies once a month (hello, Cineplex gift cards).

Read more books, take time for self-care, go to a concert or take up a sport, set up monthly flower delivery service to spruce up your home, start journaling (check out the wide selection at Chapters-Indigo), or save money (by shopping with Rakuten and referring your friends so you can both save!).

Whatever you choose, ensure it enriches your life and brings joy and happiness. After all, those should be the results of all our resolutions.


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