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Warmer weather brings the call of the outdoors, of greenery, blooms and growth. But gardening isn’t relegated to just the outside. Indoor options have also grown in popularity and are great for those who don’t have their own outdoor space. If you’re ready to get growing we’re compiled some expert info to set you up whether your preferences are indoor or outdoor.

It’s important to remember that every plant is different, so get to know each of your plant’s unique needs. For example, my bird of paradise (named Sebastian) is a tropical plant, so I treat him different from a succulent. He needs a lot of sunlight, he likes lots of water, and he enjoys a good misting.

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Things to consider:

-The spot – what is the sunlight and shade situation? Understanding what will grow (and what might not flourish) will help you be more successful.
-The soil – so many soils, so little time. What soil will do your dirty work in the garden? (Get it?) Here’s a good place to start.  
-The bees – how can you make your outdoor space pollinator-friendly? Our friends at the David Suzuki Foundation have a great guide.

Easy to grow plants for beginners:

-Sweet peas
-Cherry tomatoes
-Ask your local nursery – they will have some recommendations ideal for your location.

Items you’ll need:

-Hand shovel, rake, hoe
-Garden hose, watering wand, watering can
-Kneeling pads and seats
-Sun hat or visor and water bottle to keep hydrated outdoors

You can find all the tools to help grow your garden from Lowes, Walmart and Well.ca

Where to learn more:

Home Depot’s Ideas & How-to section for tons of great ideas and tips. You can also get plenty of great inspiration, tips and tricks, and more from Canadian Living’s home and garden section.


Things to consider:

-The lighting – Do you have a lot of natural light or do you need to consider plants that thrive in low-light environments?
-The growth – Should you start with seeds, propagate, or buy a plant?
-The pets – Many plants are not good for your pets (specifically cats), so research and ask your vet.

Cool plant project ideas:

Plant walls. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for indoor planting projects.
Indoor planter lights. Particularly important if you live in a basement or don’t have much natural lighting.
Family planting projects. Why not get the gang involved?!

A few tips:

-Start small, like cactuses and succulents.
-Fertilize: Add a bit of fertilizer in a spring or summer month. They come in different varieties, such as a liquid or pebbles.
-Coffee filters: These are an indoor garden game changer! They keep soil in place and let water drain through, so you have no mess, just healthy plants.
-Find lots of indoor planting info on Gardeners.com to get you inspired.


Why not wear your (plant) heart on your sleeve? You can find this cute ‘plant mom‘ pin and other gear on Etsy. This fun “Hang in there” t-shirt from Simons. An air plant holder from Urban Outfitters. And more cute things from Anthropologie and H&M. For reading inspiration check out Chapters-Indigo.


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