We’re Loving Living Coral!

Every year since 2000, The Pantone Colour Institute has announced a “Colour of the Year.”

Last year it was the dramatic and provocative UltraViolet. This year it’s the warm and nourishing Living Coral. And boy are we LIVING for it!

Living Coral isn’t your average coral. It’s brighter, warmer, and more vibrant. But most importantly, this colour is going to be on every piece of clothing, accessory, and gadget released this year.

From clothes, shoes, and bags, to furniture, linens, and décor, Living Coral is going to show up everywhere because it goes with everything and looks great on everyone!

Expect to see a lot of this colour throughout the year — especially in spring fashion. We’ll be including this colour in our lives as much as we can. Want to do the same? Here are a few ways you can add a splash of Living Coral in your life (and get some Cash Back too).


Can you imagine how hot a Living Coral coloured leather jacket would look? Or a cocktail dress? Or a skirt?

Think about how just a simple Living Coral coloured scarf would elevate your outfit.

Whether you wear a dress in the colour or choose to add a splash of Living Coral in your outfit through a scarf or jacket or even jewellery, keep an eye on your favourite luxury brands and take advantage of our Cash Back offers.

Like too many brands to keep checking each individually? We hear you, fashion lover.

Matchesfashion, Shopbop, and Net-a-Porter are some of our favourite shopping destinations for luxury brands.

All you have to do is run a search for coral and you’ll be presented with hundreds of amazing clothing options.

Pro Tip: Living Coral falls more on the orange side — not pink.


What better way to flaunt this year’s hottest colour than with a handbag on your arm?

Handbags are the perfect arm candy a.k.a luxury item. They’re essential which completely justifies the expense (hey, it’s true!) and depending on their size, serve multiple purposes.

When it comes to bright colours and funky designs, the only brand I want on my arm is Kate Spade.

After that (because just one handbag is never enough), check out the ever trusty Michael Kors and Coach.

Jewellery and accessories

There’s nothing like a pair of dangling earrings with Living Coral-coloured tassels to add oomph to your outfit. Or a clutch that gives your look the zing it was missing.

Whether you’re going to a party, on a date, or just to the movies with friends, Living Coral is the kind of colour that looks great on all forms of dressing — formal, semi-formal, casual, and even office wear.

Jewellery and accessories are a great way to experiment with a new colour. If you don’t want to go all out with Living Coral, starting with jewellery and accessories is the way to go.

J.Crew and Banana Republic are great places to find statement pieces in Living Coral.


Wanna know the best, most luxurious way to introduce Living Coral in your everyday life? Makeup!

There’s nothing like a blush in Living Coral hues to accentuate those cheekbones. Or a lipstick that’s the exact match for Living Coral.

Browse through Sephora, Charlotte Tillbury, NARS, and Bobbi Brown to find the one (or many) makeup product(s) that’ll become your signature Living Coral look this year.


If you were only allowed one item in the 2019 colour of the year, I’d tell you to get shoes.

Shoes have the power to glam up any outfit. They can elevate a look from casual to formal and raise your confidence level up a few notches.

Keep your eye on this year’s new collection at Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, and Tory Burch (to name a few).

Home décor

Pantone chose Living Coral as its colour of the year for its “animating and life-affirming” hue which “energizes and enlivens with a softer edge” — all the things you want your home to be.

Whether it’s a rug, a throw pillow, a sofa, or even a tea-cozy, adding splashes of Living Coral will make your house warm and welcoming. And if you’re particularly adventurous, you can even paint your walls for the ultimate statement piece.

While you think about Living Coral walls, check out Bloomingdale’s, Brooks Brothers, and Barney’s New York for home décor inspiration in hues of Living Coral.

Happy shopping!


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