Savvy Shopping Hacks for the Holidays

Savvy Shopping Hacks For the Holidays

Come November shopping season really ramps up to high gear. Will all the retailers vying for your business, it’s the best time to get deals for everything you need throughout the year (not just during the holidays).

Did you know that Black Friday started off as an in-store event only? It was only the Friday following American Thanksgiving and only at the stores. But the event became so popular that many stores started adopting the sale and eventually with the growth of online shopping, they extended it to become a whole weekend with a dedicated day (Monday) for online deals.


To get the most out of your holiday shopping, make sure to check us out on YouTube where we share gift ideas, products we love, tips for holiday shopping, and more ways to save online. Plus, it’s fun and interactive!


We love contests. #CashBackCrazy is back and there are multiple awesome prizes to be won! Last month we gave away six prizes of $150 Cash Back. All you have to do is sign up (if you haven’t already) and follow the prompts for extra entries. These can include visiting us on social media, tweeting us, and downloading the Rakuten app. Easy! You should also note that there’s a new contest each month.

Gift Cards

Contrary to popular belief, gift cards actually make really great gifts. There’s no reason you should cross them off your list of things to buy. In fact, most people enjoy receiving gift cards because then they can choose whatever they actually want and don’t have to fuss with returns. Plus, it’s a win-win since you can order gift cards from our Gift Card Shop and earn Cash Back.

Boxing Day Deals

In Canada, we’re fortunate to have Boxing Day on December 26. Oftentimes, this means more sales. Which also means you can finally treat yourself to a few goodies after a busy holiday season. Oh, and if you received gift cards, it’s the perfect time to maximize your spending instead of letting them burn a hole in your pocket.

End of Season

The other thing to consider is after the holidays, holiday decorations, gift wrapping, supplies, cards, etc. are all at phenomenal discounts. If you can manage it, stock up now (at reduced prices) for next year.

New Year’s Resolutions

Who says you have to start your New Year’s resolution on January 1? Why not start sooner and get ahead of the game? Either way, taking advantage of the downtime around the holidays is a great way to make sure you have everything you need so you can start on the right foot.

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