5 Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep


Do you wake up feeling like you could easily go back to bed for another 6-8 hours? Are you tired of feeling tired? We’re here to tell you that you are not alone! 

Many of us are guilty of doing things that keep us awake longer, as well as prevent us from falling into a deep, restful sleep. Our team is here to help with few of their tried-and-tested tips that we hope will help you get a better night’s sleep.

1. Practice mindfulness meditation

As someone who has experienced insomnia, Michael, our Director of Operations, knows firsthand what it takes to get quality rest. Mindfulness meditation is the single best way he’s found for ensuring just that.

The idea is to focus on something calming, ideally breathing, and then bring your attention to the present without letting your everyday thoughts concern you. This practice creates a reflex to more easily relax and nod off. Each time you do it, the reflex gets stronger and it becomes easier to fall asleep. Try it the next time you’re ready to fall asleep!

2. Put down the phone and open a book

Blue light can throw our biological rhythm way out of whack. While blue light is beneficial during the day, it’s much more disruptive at night. Graziella, our PR & Brand Manager, recommends ditching the endless TikTok scrolling and picking up a book instead. 

Graziella’s current nighttime novel is Becoming by Michelle Obama which you can pick up at Chapters-Indigo.

3. No coffee past 3 pm

That morning cup of coffee can give you the extra pep you need to tackle your daily to-do list, but in the evening? It can have negative effects on your sleep. Melanie, our Content Marketing Specialist, passes on the coffee after 3pm to ensure caffeine has time to wear off and doesn’t disrupt her bedtime. 

If you like a warm drink to wind down with, how about a nice cuppa herbal tea? Check out David’s Tea or Vahdam Teas and get to relaxing! 

4. Go to bed at the same time every night

We all have an internal clock that’s responsible for our sleep-wake cycle. When you go to sleep at the same time on a regular basis, the pattern becomes ingrained in your internal clock. You’ll naturally start feeling sleepy at that time and it will be easier to drift off. Our Social Media Specialist, Lexi, finds that when she goes to sleep at the same time each night not only is it easier to fall asleep but it’s also more restful.

Try it yourself by setting an alarm or reminder to begin your evening routine thereby ensuring you’re ready for bed at the predetermined time. With a few days of repetition your body should naturally fall into that set sleep-wake cycle.

5. Block out disruptions

Barking dogs, blaring sirens, bright streetlights, daylight savings. All these disruptions can seriously take a toll on the quality of your sleep. That’s why Rick, our Director of Sales and Business Development, recommends environmental and personal sleep aids, like blackout curtains and earplugs. 

Darkness helps cue your internal clock to wind down. As for sound, anything unfamiliar, sudden or persistent can be very disruptive. Foam earplugs can help shut it out and encourage those much-needed ZZZs. 

Need blackout or lined curtains? Visit Linen Chest. And for earplugs check out Mark’s.

If there’s anything else you need to transform your bedroom into a dreamy oasis, make sure you visit Rakuten.ca before starting your shopping trips, and let us know in the comments what works for you! Wishing you sweet dreams, savings, and, of course, Cash Back! 


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