Online Shopping Hacks to Save You Money!

We're here to give you all the secrets.... Online shopping hacks and how to make the most of to save you BIG money!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that online shopping is a lifesaver. It’s convenient, saves times, and doesn’t require stepping out of the house. But just because you’re shopping online, doesn’t mean you can’t save money.

Our simple shopping hacks will make you an online shopping pro in no time. In fact, these hacks can help even the savviest shoppers save MORE money!

Install the Rakuten Browser Extension

You’ve finally found what you were looking for, quickly put it in your e-cart and made the payment – only to realize you didn’t shop through Rakuten, and missed out on a sizeable Cash Back. It’s so frustrating, right? Makes you wish there was some way to find out about Cash Back deals before you pay.

While we can’t turn back time for you, we can make sure you never make this mistake again.With Rakuten Express – the Rakuten browser extension, you’ll always be notified to “Activate X% Cash Back” whenever you’re shopping on a qualified site. Simply install the extension and never miss out on a Cash Back again.

The browser extension also keeps track of your current Cash Back balance and the total Cash Back you’ve earned with Rakuten.

Buy Gift Cards from the Rakuten Gift Card Shop to Earn Cash Back

Did you know? With the Rakuten Gift Card Shop, you can buy gift cards to save money on gas, movies, groceries, airfare, clothes, hotels, restaurants etc. and earn Cash Back.

Why limit yourself to buying gift cards for your loved ones when you can save money and earn Cash Back for your daily expenses?  Some gift cards will arrive by mail to you within 12 business days (with zero shipping charges). While others are virtual which you can spend immediately! CHA CHING!

Rakuten for iPhone, iPad, and Android

The Rakuten mobile app is the best option when it comes to saving money online.

With the Rakuten app, you can quickly discover the hottest deals from hundreds of retailers! Shop directly from 750+ stores offering Cash Back, get alerts so you never miss out on money-saving coupons. Make the most of Super App Sundays – the app-only BONUS Cash Back offers which happen monthly.

In-Store Cash Back

We get it. Sometimes you just need to shop in-store. Whether it’s because you’re already out or because you prefer buying directly from the store, our In-Store Cash Back has got you covered there too.

Simply activate the offer you want to avail on your Rakuten account. Link it to your credit card before making the payment and you’re in business!

Emails and Newsletters

You might’ve noticed, shopping deals and discounts is our bread and butter. So we’re practically omniscient about the hottest deals on our partner stores. And, we let our favorite shoppers (everyone who signs up!) know of said deals through regular emails. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for our Rakuten newsletter to get the latest promotions, contests, and Flash Cash Back events right in your inbox.

Now you have all the best tools to be the ultimate Savvy Shopper!
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    Thanks for sharing these fantastic tips for saving money. I will definitely try these tips to spare some money. I rely on some coupons providing websites in order to save money on my online shopping.

    • lberkowitz

      Happy to hear that they’re helpful, Alisha!

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