Top Smart Tech Upgrades

Top Smart Tech Upgrades

Savvy Shoppers, it’s time your favourite items got a bit of a makeover. We’re talking tech upgrades that everyone could use. Here’s our list of replacements for what you’re currently using and where to get them (with your Cash Back).

Before: Hair straighteners that used excessive heat to shape and control your hair, causing damage.
Upgrade: Dyson Corrale hair straightener uses new flexing plate technology so you get better results with less damage. Oh, and it’s cordless, which means you don’t have to be stuck to that outlet while perfecting your locks.
Where: Get your Corrale hair straightener from Dyson

Before: Traditional headphones use speakers to get the sound from the pods to your ears.
Upgrade: AfterShokz open ear bone conduction headphones are truly unique. You know when you crunch on potato chips you can hear that familiar sound? That’s bone conduction. And that’s the technology AfterShokz uses – that is, mini vibrations from your cheekbones that goes directly to your inner ear instead of through your eardrums.
Where: Get your AfterShokz from Staples

Before: PlayStation and Xbox. Had to be attached to a tv or monitor meaning it was mostly at-home use only.
Upgrade: Nintendo Switch. It’s portable and compact so you can play wherever you are. And Animal Crossing is rated E for Everyone. It’s a social simulation game where you can build a home, play with the cute animal residents and live your best life. Perfect to keep kids any age occupied. Where: Get the Nintendo Switch at Best Buy

The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate Mario oasis – from the classic multiplayer Party and Kart to one player adventures like Odyssey, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Escape by yourself or with your friends and family to desert race tracks, treasure-hunting quests and defeat big bad Boo!

– Lauren, ShopStyle Marketing Coordinator

Before: Making smoothies at home with a huge multi-piece blender.
Upgrade: Portable blenders are now a thing. You can make your smoothie or your shake or whatever, wherever. And no batteries required (can you imagine?). Nope, this bad boy recharges via USB which is perfect for travelling or if you’re working offsite… any reason, really.
Where: Get your BlendJet portable blender from Urban Outfitters

Before: Plugging every device in, every night, ad infinitum.
Upgrade: A charging hub that charges all your Apple accessories simultaneously: iPhone, Airpods… and anything that is Qi-enabled. The Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad even has a special Apple Watch charging stand so you can charge while in Nightstand mode.
Where: Get your Morphie wireless charging pad from The Source

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