Sports Bras: The MVP of Activewear

Sports Bra the MVP of Activewear

If there’s one thing that has the ability to make or break your workout, it’s your bra. A sports bra is a foundational element that is absolutely essential to ensuring movements are smooth, pain-free and not interrupted be excess bounce or jiggle (we’ve all been there!).

With so many athletic brands on the market and new ones emerging every day we wanted to share some recommendations, tips and tricks to finding the right one whatever your body type!

Find Support

Physical activity produces a lot of movement of breast tissue and the supporting ligaments – regardless of your size. This consistent, repetitive movement can cause soreness and eventually sagging. But that’s where sports bras come in! They help reduce movement and delay the effects of activity.

Depending on the size of your breasts and the type of activity you’re doing you are likely to need a different bra. Here is a general overview of the kind of support you may need based on activity and a store where you can find suitable options:

Light Activity
• Pilates, yoga, stretching
• Check out Aerie and Adidas

Moderate Intensity Activity
• Cycling, resistance training, dance class
New Balance have plenty of options

High-Intensity Activity
• Running, cross-training and all forms of HIIT
• We recommend Bare Necessities for its variety of sizes and styles, and Under Armour

Endless Options

Here are some more stores we love for their variety of sizes, support levels and styles: Altitude Sports, Running Room, Lorna Jane, Reebok, Nike, and more on the Sports & Outdoors page.

What to Look for in a Supportive Bra

Shopping for sports bras for a person with a large chest can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but there’s good news! We found the features that offer the most support to help guide you on your quest. When shopping for a bra, look for one with:

• Thick, adjustable straps
• Classic hooks and clasps
• Zippers (on the front as closure)
• Fully molded or underwired cups

We’ve done the digging for you and sourced a few retailers where you’ll find a variety of styles in larger sizes. Visit Soma, Sweaty Betty, and Figleaves for style AND support!

Out with the Old

How’s your bra holding up? Is it still, well, holding things up? If you aren’t sure whether or not it’s time to say goodbye to a bra, check for the following signs and then use the info above to replace it!

It’s time to swap your sports bra when:

• The tags are faded and no longer readable
• The band is stretched and no longer fits snugly
• You notice more movement in the bra when you workout
• It’s pilling or looks worn in particular spots
• If you’ve lost weight and the bra no longer fits you correctly
• The bra rides up when you raise your arms

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