Step Up Your Spring Cleaning

You know it’s Spring when you can throw open your windows, go out without a coat, and see your plants coming back to life. And, what better way to welcome Spring than a thorough house cleaning?

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to step up your spring cleaning game.


There’s nothing worse than cleaning out a cabinet only to realize you don’t have anything to wipe down your grimy shelves with except a wet cloth.

A vacuum cleaner is the first thing you’ll need. And a vacuum that sucks up dry and wet messes? It’s a blessing we all need in our lives.

You’ll also need furniture, floor, and other surface cleaners as well as gloves, air fresheners, and maybe even a face mask to save yourself from all the dust and fumes that’ll be flying around once you start.

Find the vacuum cleaner (and other spring cleaning supplies) of your dreams at Canadian Tire and Home Depot.

Getting organized

Before you empty your cabinets, drawers, closets, open them all and take stock of all the organizational stuff you’ll need. Storage bins are a necessity and if you’re short on space, under bed storage is the answer to your consolidation wishes.

If you’re counters and shelves filled with stuff you’re not sure where to put, get organizers for your desk, bathrooms, and kitchen to keep everything neat and tidy.

Have kids? Then you obviously have toys that have taken over every room in your house. Time to beat those toys at their own game. Toy bins, book racks, chests, and hanging wall organizers all make for sleek and chic toy storage options. With them on hand, clean-up will actually become a breeze!

And who knows? Maybe your kids will actually like cleaning up themselves! (Hey, a parent can dream!)

JYSK, Bed Bath and Beyond and The Container Store offer great storage options for all kinds of things at all kinds of price-points.

Prepare for the weather shift

Spring is great but let’s be honest, it’s the WORST for allergies. What good is great weather if your seasonal allergies won’t let you enjoy it?

Spring cleaning allows you to strip your house of anything that’ll trigger your allergies.

Arm yourself with a humidifier, air purifier, heater and cooler to keep your allergies at bay and keep you prepared for the changing weather.

Worried that’s too many machines for one room? Dyson has a great purifier that also cools and heats.

Once your allergies are taken care of, it’s time to make the outside of your home as clean and beautiful as the inside. Spring clean your backyard, garden, garage, and car. You never know what treasures you’ll find buried in your garage. Not to mention, a clean backyard is a perfect place to host a BBQ on a beautiful day.

Moving forward

Spring shouldn’t be the only time of year you do a major overhaul of your home. Once per season is a good rule of thumb.

To avoid having to start from scratch every season, lists are your secret weapon to keeping a house clean and organized. Make cleaning to-do lists for everything you need cleaned. Whether you make lists by the room or by cleaning activity, having a list handy means you won’t procrastinate or waste time trying to figure out where to start the next time you have to “spring” clean.

Invest in efficient, quick, and hassle-free cleaning and organizational tools so that keeping your house clean becomes a regular part of your life also means you’ll save time down the road.

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Don’t forget the gift cards

Most of your cleaning supplies can be purchased at grocery stores. We have gift cards for that (which means you get Cash Back). From Real Canadian Superstore and Safeway to IGA and Zehrs. Oh, and if you don’t feel like cooking (and messing up your kitchen), order Pizza Pizza for the family.

Want more spring cleaning tips? Check out our staff’s best spring cleaning tips and tricks on our YouTube channel.


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