Stay Warm this Winter: Talk Mugs to Me

Just like Demi Lovato, mugs are our favourite dish.

There’s just nothing quite like our favourite cup of tea, coffee or cocoa in the perfect mug. What do you prefer? Sassy saying? Cute picture? Plain & simple?

We’ve rounded up some of the top mugs from to keep our hands warm and our stomach filled with the best hot beverage!

Chapters Indigo


  1. For the workaholic – this travel mug will keep them on the go while keeping their coffee hot, hot, HOT!
  2. For the coffee-afficianado – there’s always a coffee enthusiast in the group. This mug was made for them…
  3. For the newlywed – a perfectly pink mug to commemorate one of the best days of her life!
  4. For the bookworm – You can always find her tucked behind a new novel. Surprise her with this Kate Spade mug!

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  1. For the funny one– Need we say more? They’re pretty awesome & they need a reminder of it from day-to-day!
  2. For the optimist– with a sunny outlook on life, this mug with gold lettering is the perfect addition to any collection!
  3. For the drink enthusiast – A cup of mulled wine would be lovely in this mug, no? And upsized too! CHA CHING!
  4. For the gamer – They love games from board to video. Warning: This mug may lead to a game of Scrabble.

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  1. For the pet lover – Because sometimes we just need to snuggle with our favourite fur animal.
  2. For the music lover – Or the Drake lover. Or the meme lover…. ‘Cause I know they’ll love it
  3. For those who literally CAN’T – Sometimes we can, but in this case, we can’t. NOPE! Just not happening……
  4. For the sassy ones – They love a good play on words. This mug is especially office appropriate. You’re welcome.

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