It’s A Staycation Kind of Summer

Summer Staycation

This summer is not like any other summer… but that just means you have ample opportunity to make it one of the best and most memorable!

It’s your chance to enjoy a staycation like no other and cross off those to-dos around the house you’ve been putting off for years.

Décor Updates

Now’s the best time to do a little redecorating around your house. Need a new bedspread? How about new curtains for the living room? Want to jazz up your place with a few accent pillows or rug? Why not make it happen? Check out Bouclair for a few items that can really bring a pop.

Learning New Things

Who says you can’t learn new and fun skills this summer? Udemy isn’t just for business, you can learn to play instruments or sing, beauty and makeup, games, even painting. Spend a weekend diving into a new hobby or topic you’ve always been interested in. You might even be able to learn how to upcycle that dress you have that you don’t wear anymore…

Family Night

It’s important to make sure you spend quality time together. This means putting the smartphones and tablets away and doing something you’ll all enjoy. Check out our family night tips.

At-Home Chef

We’re not all Michael Smith, Gordon Ramsay, or Susur Lee. Some of us need help. That’s where delivery services like HelloFresh takes the guess (and prep) work out of learning to cook. Not only do you get all the ingredients but you get the recipes to guide you through the process. It’s so easy a kid could do it (but with adult supervision).


Self-care seems to be all the rage. So what does that actually look like? We’ve got this blog and this one to give you some ideas and inspiration on how you can DIY the self-care at home this summer. We’ve also got a few hobby ideas to help you improve your life and give you back some much-needed me time.

Get in Shape

Trying a new workout can be a challenge, never mind finding the motivation. Total Gym TV has classes with some of your favourite celebrities but also is just a really great way to ensure you’re keeping up with your routine and doing the exercises right.

Get Organized

One of the big struggles across the board is getting organized. Whether it’s your family photos or your winter wardrobe, sorting and storing things properly can really take a load off. Your fall/winter self will thank you for it. And if you need to get supplies, The Container Store has you covered.

Book Club

Join (or start) a virtual book club with your friends. Get book inspirations from Chapters-Indigo and use Zoom or Skype for your discussion sessions.  PS: check out our special events and sign up for our emails to make sure you know about our Weekly 2x Cash Back promos…


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