Our Top Travel Tech Tips

Nowadays, you can’t leave home without the tech. Not only does it make planning a vacation easier, but it also makes your time away more enjoyable.

There’s so much to be excited for on a vacation and like it or not, tech can make it a whole lot better. Here are some of the gadgets that make planning easier and to keep you entertained on the journey.

Like what?

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Luggage scales ensure you don’t go over airline limits. This is especially handy when you’re bringing home souvenirs! Don’t overstuff your suitcase and get dinged with additional fees.

Pack a mini steamer or iron so your clothes stay nice and crisp during your travels.

Stay on track with your goals by bringing your smart watch or Fitbit. Don’t forget a smart water bottle so you can hydrate, especially in warmer climates.

Different wattages and outlets while traveling can make it hard to use or charge devices. Make it a no-brainer with travel adapters and converters.

Taking photos and videos go without saying. Bring a drone for capturing amazing footage of your travels so you can cherish the memories for years to come (and show them off to your friends and family).

Wireless can be spotty or expensive while aboard and abroad. Avoid roaming fees, or paying the hotel for web access, with portable WIFI.

Speaking of WIFI, bring your streaming stick. Plug it into your hotel’s tv and watch without paying for on-demand movies or shows.

With all the tech comes ALL the cables. Get a case for the cables and cords so you can stay organized.

Tile device so you can easily find anything you may misplace – like your keys or wallet.

The Nest thermostat. Stay in touch with your home and conserve energy while you’re away. Lower temps to an optimal 17ºC to save energy and then bring it up in time for your return.

If you’re looking to stock up on the best tech to take on your travels, visit Best Buy, Amazon, and even the Rakuten Gift Card Shop.


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