Save Big Bucks Wedding Planning

With mounting pressure to host fairy-tale-like weddings expenses, like invitations, venue, food and drink, photographer, videographer, band (or DJ), can quickly skyrocket.

There are many ways to save hundreds and thousands on your wedding. It just takes planning of a different kind! Here are some of our top tips to help you through the spending.


Save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, place cards, etc. are a big part of any event, especially weddings. Companies like MOO, Minted and Vistaprint are ideal. You get everything set up in one go, and because they don’t necessarily specialize in wedding-related stationery you can save some money.


Saturday weddings are the most popular, so if possible, opt for a different “big day”. Moving it to a Friday could make a significant difference. If you can organize to have your ceremony and reception in the same place, this could also save you some trouble, and act as a bargaining chip.


Try to DIY your decorations. Perhaps your wedding party can help make the centerpieces. Shop fake flowers – some of the silk ones are more beautiful than the real thing and can be used again for other occasions, or as home decor. Shops like Kate Aspen, Etsy and AliExpress can help you with décor ideas as well. We have a great selection of flower vendors to help you save even more money!


So many brides and grooms are leaving the big white fairy tale dress and tuxedo behind. They’re opting for outfits that they can repurpose and get more cost per wear. Who says you have to spend thousands (or tens of thousands) on your outfit? There are plenty of amazing dresses, that might not be labelled “wedding,” but will ensure you look as beautiful as every other bride. We love this idea for the bridal party, too! Shop our clothing and shoes retailers to get Cash Back. 


Most venues have their own in-house catering and services, but if you can find one that doesn’t, you’ve scored yourself another opportunity to save money by shopping around and bringing in your own vendors. Alternatively, if your preferred venue does require you to use all their services, this is a great bargaining chip to get them to reduce some of the costs on add-ons that may not necessarily have fit your budget. Finally, think outside the event hall box – look for unusual locations, like renting a large home from Airbnb or even a restaurant.


A few things to consider: plated service often costs more than a buffet, a restaurant reception saves on costs since you might not be required to ‘pay for the room,’ cupcakes, a DIY sundae bar or candy buffet can be more enjoyable and memorable for your guests, not to mention cost-savvy for you. If you’re supplying some of the food, getting grocery gift cards from the Rakuten Gift Card Shop can help you save a few bucks as well.


Spotify playlist anyone? Why not? Get all your guests to send in song requests and create the perfect wedding playlist that everyone can not only enjoy the day/night of your wedding, but they can access after the party as well.


Remember those Kodak instant cameras people used to leave at all the wedding tables for guests to capture the memories of your big day for you? Guess what… those have been replaced with smartphones. And dollars to donuts, 99% of your guests will have them. Post-wedding invite everyone to share all the photos via DropBox or WeTransfer.

Turn to social media to source your photographers and videographers. The platforms give you the perfect opportunity to check out their previous work. Mention that you found them on social and you might just get a discount!

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Lastly, be sure to install the Rakuten browser extension so that you never miss an opportunity for Cash Back when planning and shopping for your big day.

Need more inspiration? Visit GiftsForYouNow and MyWeddingFavors to see what possibilities and ideas you can drum up to save on your wedding.


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