Your Winter Glow Up Guide

Your Winter Glow Up Guide

Winter is nothing short of a complete transformation – in every respect! We’re outside less, we change the foods and drinks we consume, how we dress, we even need to treat our hair and skin differently.

Fortunately, for anyone who loves a little self-care or beauty indulgence winter is the perfect time to try some new goodies and find your perfect cold-weather routine!

Here’s our quick guide to your winter glow up.

Hair Styles

It’s the season for accessories! This season we’ve seen hair baubles, headbands, scrunchies (they’ve returned, and, at this point, it seems like they’re here to stay!), glitzy pins and silky wraps. We love hair accessories because they’re so easy to pull off. Whether your hair is up or down, or half-up/down, just slide on or clip in some flair!

One of the added benefits is that an accessory also keeps your hair in-place. No adjusting, tucking, or re-styling necessary!

You can get your hair-sentials from Chatters, SpaceNK or Sephora offer a variety of pieces, as well as hair tools, primers, serums, gels… you get the idea!

Skin Care

Our faces need more love than ever after a year of wearing masks. Which is all the excuse we need for a little at-home facial moment. Clé de Peau and Paula’s Choice have a variety based on your skin type and/or concern.

If you’re not sure where to start, Glossier has a mini skincare essentials kit, “The Skincare Edit” that comes with everything you need.

While you’re focused on skincare, make sure you’re taking care of the delicate skin around your eyes, as well. An eye mask or patch is an indulgent and effective way to give your eyes some much needed TLC and rejuvenation. Find some at SkinStore or Sephora.

Beauty Trends

The bold brow trend has transformed into the unkempt brows trend – and we’re fans! So, grab your brow brush and a little gel and get to work fluffing them up. If you’re on a brow re-growth journey (we’ve all been there) a lash and brow growth serum could be of great benefit – check out Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty.

Bold lip colours are a perennial favourite this time of year. Ripe, vivid reds or deeper, darker mulberry reds being the go-to. Believe it or not, there is a shade of red for everyone, so have fun finding yours!

Find your favourite brushes, colours, and more from NYX, Charlotte Tilbury and IT Cosmetics.

Winter Fragrance

No seasonal glow up would be complete without a fragrance to tie it all together. Ignite all your senses with the perfect winter scents. Sweet scents, like a creamy vanilla smoulder this time of year, but how about something different?

White Musk from The Body Shop is not only floral but earthy and has a touch of warm spice, perfect for the winter. And it’s vegan.

If you’re looking for lush and rich bouquets in your winter fragrance, Estée Lauder has a great selection including the classic, Beautiful.

For more retailers to shop and update your beauty routine, check out our Health & Beauty category. We’re always adding new stores to the Rakuten site, as well. Of course, glow ups are better with friends. Refer-a-Friend and have a holiday prep via video conferencing call.


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