5 Work from Home Essentials for CEO-like Productivity

After a year of working from home, we’ve become experts at things we’d otherwise never have considered. We’ve become Michelin star chefs and bakers, armchair entertainment critics, those of us with kids have become seasoned teachers, and, last but not least, the CEOs of our work-from-home offices.

Becoming the master of your domain requires devices and products that are just as hardworking as you are! Here are our 5 must-have products that make working-from-home a little easier…

Blue Light Glasses

Long hours staring at a computer monitor, personal devices and TV with fewer breaks mean that eye strain is a serious concern for the WFH-er. Thankfully, there’s a solution – and it’s a stylish one! Blue. Light. Glasses.

Available in practically every shape and frame colour or pattern you can think of, these glasses block out disruptive blue light to minimize strain and other detrimental effects.

Here’s where to find them: Clearly has over 300 styles under $59! Warby Parker is amazing, if you like options, with their countless styles, patterns, colours. And, the shapes and finishes at Quay Australia are perfect for the trend-focused fashionista.

We suggest stashing a couple pairs where you spend the most screen time – at your desk, by the TV and on your nightstand.


Spending more time at home, possibly in close proximity to the kitchen (especially if your kitchen table IS your desk), makes a lot of us more likely to snack during work hours. And honestly, with the delicious snacks we’re about to share, we don’t feel guilty about it!

First and foremost, our favourite; the one that makes us feel like a snack… Smart Sweets from Well.ca. In addition to tasting delicious and satisfying our sweet tooth, these treats also make us happy because they’re:

• High in fibre
• Naturally flavoured
• Gluten-free
• Non-GMO
• Plant-based
• Product of a women-owned business

Looking for something with a little crunch? Maybe on the savoury side? Visit Prana for everything from flavoured nuts and nut blends, trail mixes (FUJI – Premium Salty Mix is a fave!), coconut chips, and even chocolate bark.

Lap Desk

If you’re sharing your WFH space with a partner, family member, roommate or child you probably know what a commodity a good workspace can be. But with a lap desk, any spot in your humble abode becomes a workstation.

If, like many of us, you’ve taken to working from the couch or another cozy nook, make yourself more comfortable (and productive) with a lap desk from Indigo, Staples, or Etsy.

We’d recommend looking for one with a smooth surface, if you’re using a laptop, to allow the internal fans to circulate air.

Dry Erase Board

Let’s start with a short list of benefits for this multi-tasking essential:

• Scratchpad for brainstorming
• List of your daily reminders and to-dos
• Outline your day’s schedule
• Handwriting practice for your elementary school-er
• Easily erased with little mess
• It saves paper

As you can see, there are many reasons to use and love a dry erase board. If you’re a note jot-er, it’s a great way to cut down on all those loose scraps of paper. Plus, you can erase things as they’re completed.

For a variety of sizes, check out Staples, The Container Store or Walmart.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Turn your WFH hub into a mini spa! Plug in a diffuser, add a couple drops of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, chamomile or tea tree oil and take a deep breath. Aromatherapy can help reduce stress, agitation and anxiety, making a personal diffuser the perfect device to have around while responding to emails, brainstorming via Zoom or tackling that big quarterly report.

Plus, there’s a diffuser for every decor style and space. We love Indigo and Bed Bath and Beyond for stylish, statuesque pieces that look as good as they smell.

To see all of our suggestions in action, check out our Instagram Reel.

And, if you’re interested in adding any of the above products to your home workspace make sure you do so through Rakuten.ca to earn Cash Back on these and all future purchases. We’d love to know what you consider essential to work from home – let us know in a comment, or via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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