Thinking Outside the 2020 New Year Resolutions Box

2020 New Year Resolutions

Every year, at this time, people start talking about New Year’s resolutions. What they’ll do differently come January. But what ends up happening more often than not, is that we’re on our A game January 1st and January 2nd but come January 3rd it’s as if we didn’t make resolutions, at all!

So, this won’t be your typical New Year resolution post. Instead, we’re going to look at ways to change your “shiny object syndrome” and get you doing things that actually matter.

First things first. How do you make sure you stick to whatever plan you’re… planning?

Get organized: Write down your goals and then break them down into all the steps that need to be taken to achieve these goals. This makes it more manageable and you get to cross off lots of baby steps along the way. Yay for psychology!

Resolutions are better in pairs: Find a buddy to commiserate with and hold each other accountable. Check in on each other, get inspired, see things from a different perspective.

Resolution Inspiration for 2020

Take time for yourself

Read that book you’ve been holding off on, start a fresh journal for a new decade. Kobo and Chapters-Indigo have everything you need to make this happen. (Chapters-Indigo even has reading socks!)

Book an escape

It can be a staycation to take a break from work – hello, local hotel with room service. Or, a winter vacation to some sunny, tropical paradise. How about planning something later in the year that gives you an activity to look forward to and work towards. and Hotwire can help you get there with a bit of extra Cash Back.

Get a hobby

We know how that sounds, but it works! Take up knitting or crocheting. Design model airplanes with the kids. Learn to code. Bake your little heart out. Collect stamps or coins or figurines. Start drawing or painting. Whatever it is, do something you’ve always wanted to do. You’ll find everything you need on Amazon and Etsy. And who knows, maybe you could even spur a side hustle!

Join a club

A book club, sports club, heck even a Dungeons & Dragons club. Whatever it is, go out there, meet new people and have some fun.

Train your brain

Keeping your mind active and challenged is an important part of staving off boredom, and scientists have found that it can actually help improve cognition. Learn a new language, start a course at Udemy or at your local community center. Sudoku anyone?


Animal shelters need people to help walk dogs; Food banks need help sorting food, Meals on Wheels needs drivers to deliver meals. There are organizations everywhere looking for volunteers, and it feels good to know you’re doing good for those less fortunate.

It’s 2020, a new decade – let’s make it one for the history books (or your autobiography!)

Happy New Year, Savvy Shoppers!


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