All-Season Awesome Activities

As Canadians, we have learned that it’s important to adapt to the weather. Sometimes, you can go out and play in the sun or snow, but other times, you can’t. So, what do you do and how do you keep busy?

Here are a few suggestions for all-ages and all-seasons, perfect for long weekends, staycations, rainy days, when boredom hits, and everything in between.

DIY sundae bar

Have all the ingredients ready so everyone can customize their ice cream sundae. Think: sprinkles, sauces, toppings, and a variety of ice cream flavours. For ideas and ingredients, visit Food Network. Head to the Rakuten Gift Card Shop to buy grocery gift cards and score Cash Back.

Puzzles and games

No matter the age, everyone loves a good game or puzzle. Find a wide selection for all ages at Mastermind Toys and Toys R Us, including those of us who are still kids at heart. Some of our top recommendations include Clue, Puzz 3D, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit (the original Jeopardy!).

Arts and crafts

You can have a scrapbooking party where you supply all the stickers, glue and markers. Make your own necklace or bracelet with beads and string. Or learn to crochet with different coloured yarn and hooks. All the supplies you need can be found at Amazon or Walmart and it’s a fun activity for kids of all ages to practice their fine motor skills.

Book club

Why not create your own private book club? Everyone gets to pick a book and you can discuss it over snacks and drinks (aka wine). It doesn’t have to be all that serious – why not find choose-your-own-adventure books and compare how all your stories changed based on your decisions? Chapters-Indigo and Rakuten Kobo.

Activity wheel

Speaking of choose your own adventures, why not create an activity wheel (similar to a chore wheel but way less boring), and every week, someone gets to pick what the whole family does: board games, movie night, arts and crafts, etc. This way, everyone gets a turn and they look forward to family activity time.

Dance party anyone?

Who doesn’t love a good, impromptu dance party? Invest in some great speakers (Bose makes great ones) and have everyone create their own Spotify playlist.

Indoor fun zones

Many cities across the country have indoor fun zones, perfect for all ages. These can include indoor skating rinks or pools, trampoline parks, bowling alleys, arcades, and more. These are a great way to get out of the house and have fun with the whole family. You can sometimes find deals on Groupon for these fun zones.

Sleepover parties

Pop-your-own-corn. Pick your favourite movies. Set up the sleeping bags in the living room. Tell ghost stories (flashlight optional). Who says sleepovers can’t be in your own home?


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