Stay Cool with These Chill Tips

As much as we adore the summer, the heat can be a little much sometimes… Since we know not everyone has the luxury of having air conditioning or a pool to cool down in, we’ve decided to share a list of our favourite ways to stay cool.

SAFETY FIRST… before we get into the fun stuff, just a reminder that cars get hot FAST. It’s no place to leave children or pets unattended. Please, do not leave any living thing inside a parked car – even if the windows are open!

Go to the Air Conditioning

… malls, movies and restaurants are all places with A/C an entertainment! Check out the Gift Card Shop so you can get Cash Back while cooling down.


… wide brim, summery hats can shield you from the hot sun when you’re out and about. While a portable, battery-powered mist-fans can do wonders to cool you down on even the hottest days.


… setting mist will be your best friend during the warm months. Sephora has a large selection to choose from to ensure your makeup will not only stay put but is also super refreshing. And don’t forget sunscreen or makeup with SPF coverage.


… visiting water parks, public pools, splash pads, and beaches are great ways to bring the family together and keep cool. Even Fido will appreciate a trip to the beach to splash around.

Cool treats

… host a DIY sundae party. Set-up a buffet for people to choose their ice cream flavours, toppings, and sauces. It’s a great way for family and friends to stay cool together.


… if you have access to a backyard, buy a kiddie pool and fill it with water. It’s and inexpensive way for kids and pets – even adults, to have fun cooling down outside. You can find a variety from Walmart. Bonus points if you opt for the crowd-favourite Slip-n-Slide!

Drink lots of water

… sunstroke and dehydration go hand-in-hand. Always have a bottle of water with you, no matter where you’re going. Get one of the S’Well water bottles, they’re easy to carry in a bag or keep in the car’s cupholder.


… if you don’t have central air in your home, consider portable fans or air conditioners to keep everyone cool. The Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying tower fan works wonders, or head to Rona for a variety of in-window or portable air conditioners.


… cooling pillows can work wonders, as well as bed sheets that are designed to distribute your body heat at night. Bed Bath and Beyond has both and you’ll definitely feel the difference.

Clothes and shoes

… obviously what you wear will have an impact on how you tolerate the heat. Open-toe shoes like flip flops or sandals are great (leave the socks for the winter). Bathing suits for your impromptu kiddie pool parties. And shorts, tank tops, t-shirts. Shop FitFlop, Hudson’s Bay and Joe Fresh.


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