Cyber Monday How-To: Hacks, Stores and More

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One of our favourite holidays is quickly coming up and we just can’t control ourselves. Seriously. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are arguably the biggest shopping days of the year. So of course we’re all over it! Here’s your Cyber Monday how-to: full of our top hacks, stores to shop and more just for you.

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OK. OK…. Ready?

Clothing and shoes.

Whether you’re searching for jeans, a new purse, or a sweet pair of sneakers, has you covered. From Hudson’s Bay and Joe Fresh to Nike, Toms and Mark’s, you can get a whole new wardrobe or top up your closet with the latest trends.


Laptop? Check. TVs? YEP. Smartwatch? Headphones? Games? Triple Check. Whatever electronics you’re searching for, you’ll find a deal with us. Dell, Lenovo, HP, The Source, New Egg and much more. So if it’s time to upgrade your tablet, get the latest video games, or go hands-free with a smart watch, this is where you can do it with just a few clicks.


And, if home truly is where the heart is, you can find whatever your heart’s desire with us. Cookware for the chef-in-training, bakeware for the budding pastry chef, dinnerware for the host(ess)-with-the-mostess, and glassware for those who are, you know, thirsty. Bedding, linens, décor and more. Visit stores like Home Depot, Dyson, Indigo and Hudson’s Bay.

Need more?

If you’re like us, shopping is in your blood. We’ve got a YouTube channel full of fun little vids with our favourite tips and tricks and we’ve also released a ‘What to buy in November’ video to help you along!

Holiday Hub

Of course, if none of that is enough and you’re still craving more, more, more. Visit our Holiday Hub for the hottest deals, the latest stores, Double Cash Back offers, videos and everything in between.

Hot Hacks to Saving & Shopping this Cyber Monday

From promo codes, hot deals and trending products, you should always hit first before heading shopping. Don’t forget some of our top tips we’ve shared in the past like making a shopping list, creating accounts with stores you plan to shop (and updating your address or payment details), favourite items and of course… GET PAID TO SHOP!


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