How to Be the Most Epic Host

How to Be the Most Epic Host

Whether you’re having friends over for a holiday potluck, hosting a family dinner or even a wine and cheese night, you likely know that hosting isn’t always the easiest.

Fear not! We’ve heard the most common complaints and, as frequent host-ers have a list of easy tips to make hosting a breeze! Here’s how to improve your hosting game, no matter whether it’s your first time or your 50th:  

Organization is the key to holiday success: Take notes from Marie Kondo and keep things tidy (actually pretty life-changing!)

Take a page from Santa’s book and make lists! Check them twice.

Be sure to give yourself reminders and realistic timelines.

Enlist help from friends and family: ask them to bring something a dish or drink; if there’s something else they can do to help, let them know.

Plan the menu ahead of time: make a list of the ingredients you’ll need so you can buy everything in one go (or at least try).   

Buy your groceries online: Walmart, INABUGGY, grocery retailers can make it easy to check everything off your list without getting distracted by the holiday sweets section in store. Plus, you use the time you would have spent frantically running up and down every aisle on more important things – like hot cocoa and the newest Netflix release.

The holidays are a time of over-indulgence but don’t get caught up and stretch yourself thin.

Avoid cluttered tabletops with unnecessary decorations. Save the space for what counts… food and drinks.

The holidays are not a time to try new recipes. Stick to your tried-and-true. If you need meal inspo or tips, get it from the pros with a cookbook from Chapters-Indigo

Spend only the necessary and score Cash Back wherever you can get it. (Stocking the pantry, gifts, décor, etc.

Make use of our mobile app: Perfect for those planners who like to score deals, shop with In-Store Cash Back to make the holidays easier on your wallet.

Set the tone for your gathering(s) with all the music or movies you can stream from Disney+ and Apple Music.


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