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Rakuten In-Store Cash Back

Earn Cash Back in stores, too!
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Rakuten In-Store Cash Back?

In-Store Cash Back is the newest way for Rakuten members to earn Cash Back. Now you can start earning Cash Back when you shop at participating local retail stores.

How do I earn In-Store Cash Back?

Rakuten In-Store Cash Back is available to all current members. Add one or more valid credit cards to your Rakuten profile and link available In-Store Cash Back offers to any or all of your cards. When you shop in local stores and pay with your eligible linked card, you will automatically earn Cash Back on qualifying purchases. Cash Back will be added to your Rakuten account up to 7 days after purchase.

Can I earn In-Store Cash Back for online purchases?

No. Rakuten In-Store Cash Back offers are only valid for purchases made in physical stores. You can still enjoy Cash Back for online purchases when you start your shopping at Rakuten.

Can I earn In-Store Cash Back while shopping outside of Canada?

In-Store Cash Back is currently available only to Canadian cardholders who make purchases in-store at participating merchant locations within Canada.

Does Rakuten In-Store Cash Back cost extra?

Absolutely not. Rakuten In-Store Cash Back is a new program offered to all Rakuten members for no extra cost.

Can I use a debit card for In-Store Cash Back?

Debit cards may not be used for Rakuten In-Store Cash Back. This is a credit-only program.

What type of credit cards can I use?

Rakuten In-Store Cash Back works with most Visa credit cards. Other cards, such as MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover, cannot currently be used.

Is In-Store Cash Back available for international visitors shopping in Canada with payment cards issued by non-Canadian banks?

In-Store Cash Back currently supports only credit cards issued by Canadian banks to Canadian-based cardholders.

How many cards can I use?

Feel free to use as many credit cards as you like. There is no limit to the number of cards that can be added to your Rakuten profile to earn In-Store Cash Back.

How do I know my credit card information is secure?

Rakuten takes your privacy and security very seriously. Your credit card data is safely stored in a secure, encrypted environment. For more information on how Rakuten handles your private information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Linking Offers

How do I link an offer to my credit card?

Once you've added a valid credit card to your profile, go to Current Offers to view all available In-Store Cash Back offers. Find an offer, click 'Link Offer' and add to the card of your choice. Now you're ready to start earning In-Store Cash Back.

If I link an offer to my card, do I get In-Store Cash Back for every purchase I make?

No. Each time you link an offer, it is redeemable for a single in-store purchase only.

How many times can I link an offer?

The number of times an Rakuten In-Store Cash Back offer can be linked and redeemed is specific to each offer. See the "limit per person" in the offer’s terms and conditions. If an offer has a limit per person of 3, then you can link the offer up to 3 times and redeem it to earn Cash Back on 3 separate qualifying purchases. Cash Back will not be earned on subsequent in-store purchases.

Can I link an offer to multiple cards?

Yes. An offer can be linked to multiple cards up to the limit per person. However, an offer can be linked only once per card until it is redeemed. Once an offer has been redeemed, if there are remaining links available for the offer, it may be re-linked to a card. For example, if an offer has a limit of 3 links per person, and you have 2 cards registered with Rakuten, then you can link the offer to each of your registered cards for a total of 2 active offer links. Once you make a qualifying purchase and redeem the offer on one of the cards, you may relink the offer to that card, for a total of 3 links of the offer.

How can I see which offers I have linked to my cards?

You can easily see your current linked offers in Linked Offers.

If I make a purchase before I link an offer, will I still get Cash Back?

Unfortunately, no. You must link In-Store Cash Back offers to your credit card before you make a purchase to receive Cash Back.

Redeeming Offers

How do I redeem an In-Store Cash Back offer?

Redeeming an In-Store Cash Back offer is simple. Once you've linked an offer to your credit card, simply use that card to make an in-store purchase that meets the terms and conditions of the offer. Remember, debit cards and debit transactions are not eligible for this program.

Do I need to present anything at the time of purchase?

No. That’s the best part! With Rakuten In-Store Cash Back, there are no coupons to clip, no vouchers to print, and nothing extra to present to the store at the time of purchase. Remember to use a credit card you’ve linked to the offer!

Do all purchases qualify for In-Store Cash Back?

Most in-store purchases at participating merchants are eligible for In-Store Cash Back. However, some stores may exclude certain products or categories from eligibility. For example, some merchants may not reward In-Store Cash Back for gift card purchases or for transactions within certain departments of the store, such as pharmacy or automotive, etc. Be sure to review the In-Store Cash Back Offer details for each of the offers you link to your payment card for any exclusions that apply.

When do offers expire?

Expiration dates are specific to each offer. Please see offer details for specific expiration dates.

What happens if an offer expires and I haven’t redeemed it?

When an offer that is linked to one of your cards expires, it will be automatically unlinked and will no longer appear in your Linked Offers.

Is there a minimum I have to spend to earn In-Store Cash Back?

If an offer has a minimum spend requirement, it will be clearly stated in the offer details. For example, "Get 8% Cash Back on $100+ in-store purchase." The minimum spend requirement applies to a single in-store purchase and cannot be spread out over multiple transactions. If a minimum spend requirement is not stated in the offer, then you will receive In-Store Cash Back on any purchase amount.

How will I know if I’ve successfully redeemed an offer?

Rakuten will send you an email when we are notified of your in-store purchase. Cash Back earned from In-Store Cash Back offers will be added to your Cash Back Activity along with all the other Cash Back you've earned.

When will Cash Back be added to my account?

It can take up to 7 business days for In-Store Cash Back to be added to your account. If you do not see your Cash Back within 7 business days of your in-store purchase, please contact Rakuten Customer Care.

By providing your credit card, Rakuten will store your credit card information as set forth in its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.